Despite Him Being Rude, Waitress Is The Only One Nice To Him. His Tip Leaves Her Feeling Weak

Updated July 26, 2017

There is an old saying that contends that “Kindness is its own reward.” It is meant to show us that we do better for ourselves when we treat others with respect, dignity, and compassion. Although, for one Texas waitress, it has done so much more.

Melina Salazar has been a waitress for sixteen years, and in that time, she has had one particular customer who always treated those around him with contempt. She was the only person willing to serve him, and today, her kindness has been rewarded in many ways she never expected. Find out what the old codger did to change her life here.

Melina Salazar has been waiting tables at Luby’s Restaurant in Brownsville, Texas for sixteen years. One particular regular customer was a man so mean and despicable that none of the other waitresses would serve him.

Walter “Buck” Swords was a World War II veteran and remarkably unlikable man who almost revelled in bringing misery to those around him.

As Salazar remembers him “He was kinda like mean to the girls, He was very mean. He would cuss at the girls. He wanted everything his way. He wanted his food very hot. He would burn himself.”

However curmudgeonly he was with the staff, Salazar would always step up to serve him. Fellow restaurant workers and customers note that she was the only one that could handle his demanding personality and bizarre eating preferences.

Even though he was a bit of a curmudgeon, Salazar went on to say, “I had patience and you know, I just took care of him.”

However, this past summer, Swords stopped coming into the restaurant. After seven years of patronage, he simply vanished. It was by a stroke of luck that Salazar saw his obituary in the papers a few days later.

However, even from beyond the grave, Swords was not done with Salazar yet. A few months later, she was contacted by the executor to his estate, informing her that the old man had left her something in his will.

Marina Salazar was amazed to find out that Mr. Swords had left her with a 2001 Buick automobile and fifty thousand dollars.

All the years of putting up with his daily nonsense proved in a single moment how important a simple kindness to someone can really be. While he clearly was not a happy man, Marina Salazar’s compassion had made a huge difference in his life.

This is in complete contrast to the story about a waitress who served a newlywed couple and then got stiffed with a nasty note. An Ohio waitress named Jessica Morris was recently serving a table of two couples, one of which were newlyweds, and received what could certainly qualify as a candidate for the worst tip ever.

According to Ms. Morris, the entire dinner went very well and at one point she even related to the new bride by telling her she had just recently got married herself.

At another point, the couple had asked her name and asked if they could call her “Jess”, because they didn’t care for her full name. Morris claims she responded by telling them she was fine with that and they could call her whatever they chose to.

Morris assumed everyone had enjoyed themselves during the meal, until she retrieved the check when they left. Instead of a tip she found a nasty note.

“He’s my husband. Find your own. Good luck.”

Jessica decided to stand up for service workers everywhere. After she got off work that night, she took a picture of the mean spirited note and posted it, along with a message directed at the new bride, to her social media.

It read in part, “So, Jenny, here’s a life tip for you from me: Your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking. Have pride in yourself and in your relationship with your husband to where you don’t need to put another down to bring yourself up.”

Have you ever waited tables? Who is the worst customer you ever served, and how did you handle yourself? Share your story with us here.