Despite Many Warnings They Decide To Eat The World’s Hottest Pepper, Ends Worse Than Expected

Updated July 24, 2017

When two young women decided to go out on a limb and try to eat the world’s hottest pepper, they had no idea the pain and suffering they would be in for. But since they understood that they were taking a risk, they set up a video camera and filmed the entire process.

Wearing just bikini tops, because they knew the pepper was going to be very hot, they each bite down on the Carolina reaper pepper, and film their reactions.

Check out how they handle the world’s hottest pepper in this funny clip below!

After tying their hair up in a bun, the young girls admit that these are the “world’s hottest pepper.” Without any delay, they each grab one and then take a huge bite out of the extremely spicy pepper.

Within seconds of putting the pepper to their lips and tongue, the girls freak out. They lean forward and seemingly prepare to vomit out the super spicy vegetable.

They cough, spit out the pepper, and then start screaming! The girl on the left begins jumping up and down because she cannot contain the pain of the spice.

As they pound their feet against the ground and suffer, the blonde one cheats and opens up her water bottle and starts trying to cool down the burning sensation in her mouth – but it doesn’t work.

For the next segment of the short clip, the girls scream and then pour water all over their faces but it doesn’t do any good.

The man behind the camera laughs at the girls for their epic fail. He says, “Burning?” But the girls don’t think he is too funny.

“She’s just sitting here drooling,” the cameraman says about the brunette. The girl then starts to have a panic attack after eating the Carolina reaper pepper. She leans back and holds onto her head in a suffering position.

She’s heaving and panting and seems to want to vomit out the spice – too bad the sensation is in her taste buds and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The girl’s mother rushes out of the house because she hears her wailing. Then she says to the camera, “this is not good, this is not f***ing good.”

The cameraman feels guilty for challenging the girls to eat the hot peppers.

The brunette is rushed to the bed and is put on a direct oxygen supply.

Here’s some more information about the Carolina reaper pepper:

These peppers are bred in Rock Hill, South Carolina in a greenhouse run by “Smokin” Ed Currie. The pepper was certified as the world’s hottest pepper by Guinness World Records since 2013. The pepper was originally a crossbreed between the ghost pepper and a red habanero. They named it the reaper because of the shape of its tail – not to mention its near-deadly spice.

One man, Russel Todd, consumed three Carolina reaper peppers in about 12 seconds putting these young ladies to shame. He is the world record holder in that regard.

Would you ever try the world’s hottest pepper?

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