Despite The Warnings, Guy Drives Through Odd Storm. Films Grotesque Aftermath On His Car

Updated September 20, 2017

Mosquitoes love this time of year. The temperatures are perfect and they’re reproducing like crazy. But nowhere in the country are mosquitoes more prolific than in Devils Lake in North Dakota. While they are bothersome everywhere around the country, especially in shaded moist areas, Devils Lake has a serious problem with these blood-sucking buggers. Millions of mosquitoes tormented anyone who is crazy enough to get close to them – even if that person is simply driving through the swarm. One videographer decided to test the mosquitoes at Devil’s Lake, which is in Maddock, North Dakota. He got into his car and then sped along the road around the lake. Within moments, his windshield was slathered in the remains of thousands of mosquitoes.

Although Devils Lake has a name that makes me think of blood-sucking mosquitoes, the name doesn’t refer to the insects themselves. Although millions of these vampire devils call Devils Lake home, they’re not going anywhere unless the environment changes. For now, Devils Lake is the perfect place for them to suck blood and breed. They lay their eggs in the cool waters and wait for them to hatch.

According to the City of Devils Lake website, “The dramatic lake level rise of Devils Lake from 1993 to 2011 flooded many public access points to the lake. The need to raise roads, flood protection dikes, and protect the shoreline with erosion control rocks (rip rap) left very limited access for anglers who were not physically capable of traversing rip rap in order to fish.”

Devils Lake is renown for their mosquito population. They even have a “Weekend Mosquito Forecast” on

The weather forecast tells you if you can except moderate or light mosquito activity levels. It is that serious that locals need to check the mosquito weather before venturing out from the safety of their homes.

If you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you should follow these tips. It’s easier than you’d think to prevent your skin from getting blood sucked out of it by these bugs.

First, you need to avoid mosquito hotspots. So if you’re trying to get away from mosquitoes, you probably wouldn’t want to visit Devils Lake or other places where millions of mosquitoes make their home.

Beyond that, you can try to wear light colors. This can help keep mosquitoes away from you. They’re not as attracted to light colors as they are to dark colors. This is a little known fact for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Next you should load up on insect repellent. Bug spray can keep the mosquitoes away from you. Just reapply as needed every few hours to keep them away.

You can also wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. This will reduce the amount of exposed skin on your body. Therefore, these blood-suckers won’t have as much space to get at you.

If you’re hanging out in your yard, you could invest in an insect net to keep the bugs out. Also remove any standing water as these bugs love to breed in it.

Watch the video footage below. It is startling!