Did You Know There Is A Simple Way To Un-Shrink Any Shirt Made Too Small By Your Dryer?

Updated July 25, 2017

Laundry is most people’s least favorite household chore, and nothing is worse than trying to get rid of grease stains when you have been cooking, or when you drop salad dressing on your skirt at lunch.

Well, lucky for you, we discovered a great way to get greasy, oily food stains out of your clothes and will be sharing it with you here.

If you ever get greasy or oily stains on your clothes again, try putting a drop or two of liquid dishwashing cleaner on the stain and gently rub in with a toothbrush. Then wash it in warm water and prepare to be amazed at how clean the clothing turns out.

That is a great trick for saving clothes, and it reminded it of us some other helpful hints to make laundry easier. We thought we would share them with us here.

Here is an amazingly simple way to resize shrunken clothes. All you will need is a large bucket of clean warm water, two large beach towels and one cap full of baby shampoo. Basically, all you do is place the cap of shampoo into the water and then put the article of clothing into the bucket. Make sure you get it thoroughly wet, although it is not necessary to soak it completely. All you need is penetration of the fibers of the water and shampoo.

Next, gently wring out the water until it does not drip anymore. Lay out the beach towels one on top of the other and then lay the clothing onto the top towel. Gently roll up the piece of clothing in the top towel and then gently wring it again to further eliminate moisture. Unroll it and discard the top towel.

Then simply stretch out the clothing until it regains its former size and shape. The baby shampoo and warm water will have relaxed the fibers of the material enough to help it stretch.

Once it is has regained its desired size and shape, lay the clothing flat on the towel and allow to air dry. Voila! Good as new. One word of advice though, this trick does not work on wool. Once wool shrinks it is craft material, not clothing.

We wanted to look at a couple of other laundry tips that will help get the most out of your expensive wardrobe and we thought we would share them with you.

Denim jeans are a staple of almost everyone’s wardrobe, from casual business to a night out on the town to bumming around the house. How do you keep jeans from fading so quickly? Well first, you need to make sure you do not wash them more than is absolutely necessary. Unless you are doing serious labor or are a sloppy eater, you really should not need to wash your jeans more frequently than every seven or eight wearings. Just hang them up to air out and relax on their own and they should be fine again for the next wearing. Also, when you do get around to washing them, wash them in cold water, and always make sure they are inside out. When they come out, let them air dry instead of putting them into the dryer, and never, ever iron them, because if you do you, will wind up with creased jeans and you will be “that person”, and no one wants to be “that person.”

Sorting laundry is tedious, boring, monotonous, and absolutely crucial. Make sure you wash like things together so that colors do not run or fade, shirts and blouses do not shrink, and your laundry machine doesn’t get overworked if you don’t like presorting, get multiple baskets and when you toss your clothes in them sort right then and there. That way, when laundry day comes around, all your white are ready to go, and there is no fear that your jeans will turn your tidy whities cornflower blue.

Got any tips or tricks to make laundry day less horrible? Share them with us here.