Did You Know This Is The Easiest Way To Fold A Fitted Sheet Perfectly Every Time?

Updated July 13, 2017

If you’ve ever done laundry then you know how much of a pain it can be to fold a fitted sheet. It’s nearly impossible to line up the elastic and sides of the shit in order to get a nice smooth fold. Chances are that fitted sheet just ends up being a big ball of material bunched up in your closet. Not only does it look messy, but it takes up a ton of room in your limited closet space.

Luckily there is some good news regarding the dreaded fitted sheet, and believe it or not there is a tried and tested way to fold them so they end up perfectly aligned and smooth.

Start out by holding the sheet lengthwise by both corners with the right side toward your body.

Then, hold corner number one, which will be in your left hand, and fold it over corner number two. They should fit neatly together. Use your hand to slide down the edge of the sheet and pick up the third corner. You will take this corner and tuck it into corner number two. Now you will have three layers of the elastic sheet corners.

Now, you will do the same thing that you did for corner number three. Slide your hand down the edge, pick up the fourth corner and tuck it into the third.

Now comes the tricky part…

Turn to the side and straighten the two edges of the sheet. Take it to a table and lay it down, before you smooth and fluff the ends. Then, you will fold the sheet into thirds, making sure to use your hands to flatten it down. This ensures that you will have that extra space in your closet after you are done the folding.

When you have it smoothed down on all edges, you will need to fold it in thirds again.

For those of you who have a king or queen sized sheet, you may want to fold it in fourths. The extra material always calls for extra folds.

Voila! You have a neatly folded fitted sheet.

Remember that it may feel a little awkward at first but practice makes perfect and soon you will be an expert fitted sheet folder. It’s certainly worth the extra steps to get that extra closet space. Now you have double the space you had before you learned how to fold a fitted sheet properly and you will save yourself tons of time that won’t be spent digging through your messy piles of sheets.

Commenters found the video helpful, but some still struggled with getting it down just right and making the fold as perfect as the video host…

“I still can’t get it to look that good.”

“The first time I watched this (out of curiosity) I thought, “oh, looks pretty simple!” now I’m standing here with a real fitted sheet, I have watched the video about 20 times, and I’m ready to kill this woman. Way too fast, totally unclear what corners she’s holding, and after the first step, she switches hands without mentioning it. This is serious stuff! please explain slowly, with more detail.”