Diner Is Adding On An Additional Tax For Kids Eating There, Most Agree After Hearing Why

Updated November 13, 2017

On the Hamburg Turnpike rests the Wayne Hills Diner. This diner is being accused to doing things to charge kids more for their snacks compared to the adult patrons. Before the kids even get into the establishment, it is being said that they are being sized up so that they can be charged more than others who come in to grab a bite to eat.

Melissa Desch, a parent of one of the kids, says that when her daughter received her bill, there was a charge for a tip. She says that this is not something that is on everyone’s bill who eats at the diner. The tip percentage that was added to the bill was 18 percent. Desch feels that this is unfair and she is very concerned about the treatment that her daughter and other kids have been experiencing.

This diner is close to Schulyer-Colfax Middle School and this is where Desch’s daughter, who is 11, goes to school. She and her friends have gone to the diner once school is out to get an after-school snack. All of the kids that went to eat with her daughter have received the 18 percent charge on their bills, according to Desch.

Desch’s daughter brought receipts home to show her mom what was happening. This seems to show proof that kids are being charged more than adults. According to the receipts, it seems that several of the staff members at the diner are participating in this.

Desch says that on the bottom of the receipt where you have the option to leave a tip, it is already added. Desch says that a week ago when she was at the diner eating with a group of five, this added charge was not on her receipt.

She says that she grew up in the same area and when she was a kid, she and her friends would head to the diner after school to grab a bite to eat. She says that when she was a kid, there was never gratuity automatically added to the bill.

Desch feels that this new change discriminates against children and she says that she has personally went and spoken to the owner about this.

The owner defends the policy and says that he does it because young kids tend not to tip well, or maybe they just do not know how to properly tip. Desch says that she can understand this reasoning, but that kids should still be given the option and not be forced to tip their server.

Desch, along with several other parents, are engaged in a boycott against the diner over this new added gratuity policy. The diner has put a disclaimer on the bottom of their menu that they have the right to add 18 percent gratuity.

So far, it seems that the boycott is still holding strong. Neither side seems to want to budge on the issue because the diner has not stopped putting this added gratuity on the bills. The public will have to wait and see if a resolution is reached.