Diver Finally Films Rare Creature Few Have Ever Seen. People Call Them ‘Unicorns Of The Sea’

Updated November 20, 2017

The ocean is a mystery to everyone, even to those who frequent it with their diving gear and spend countless hours searching for unique sea creatures. It seems as if we are constantly learning of new sea life which is why the ocean is literally an endless sea of possibilities. Recently, divers have discovered another creature to add to their checklist of mysteries discovered underwater. The creature is a tube-like shape and has been deemed as the ‘unicorn of the sea’ and it was recently seen soaring underwater off the coast of Port Douglas. At first sight, divers were baffled by the strange and colorful creature, but they soon learned that it was a pyrosome, which is a school of thousands of mini creatures (zooids) that are formed together in a jelly-like body.

Because they are such a rare find, people have also called them ‘sea pickles’ or the ‘unicorn of the sea.’

The view is quite magnificent as it floats in a graceful manner through the ocean water and the fact that all these random living things are joined together into one massive clump makes it all the more fascinating. It would be interesting to see them actually in action as they group together. Surely it would be quite a sight to come face to face with this underwater.

The mysterious creature recently went viral when ABC Scuba Diver, Jay Wink posted the photo to Facebook and asked if anyone could name the massive pink thing.

Divers are pretty used to coming face to face with such rare things underwater, but the sea unicorn is so captivating with its flashes of blue and pink that illuminate beneath the surface of the water, that it was certainly a breathtaking sight for Wink.

Wink went on to tell reporters that the pyrosome was ‘pretty unusual.”

The sea unicorn is three-meters in length and when you are face to face with it, it’s hard to not be fascinated.

“It was quite a vivid pink, just under the surface there was this bright pink, the photos don’t really do it justice,” said Wink.

Commenters weighed in on the rarity…

“The ocean continues to show fascinating creatures.”

“Lots of creatures lurking under the sea for many a year and all of a sudden ‘they appear.’  Strange.”

One commenter made a good point about how today’s social media is making these creatures finally come to the surface (no pun intended)…

“Almost certainly they have been appearing for a very long time, but social media and world news did not exist to report them.”

Thanks to social media we are able to have experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. And now we have the capability of being able to share them with the world, further educating everyone around us. Prior to the influx of the many social media outlets that we have today, we could share our sightings with our friends, but it was limited to conversation and photos. Now, those photos can go viral in an instant, much like the way this one did.