DIY Superhero Costumes for the Whole Family

Updated April 28, 2016

picture of a family dressed in red and blue superhero costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but it’s even more fun to dress up with a group of friends or your family. Superhero costumes are an easy-to-execute and creative idea for a group or family Halloween costume. Everyone can choose which Superhero costume best suits their personality. Plus, almost all of them are easy to DIY on a budget. These DIY tutorials for superhero costumes are easy to do, budget friendly, and everyone will look great on Halloween.

DIY Superhero Costumes for Men
DIY Superhero Costumes for Women
DIY Superhero Costumes for Boys
DIY Superhero Costumes for Girls

DIY Superhero Costumes for Men

picture of a bearded man dressed in a DIY superhero costume
The basic components of superhero costumes are a cape, mask, gloves, and some type of theme to build your costume around. That’s why superhero costumes are fairly simple to DIY on a very small budget. You can mimic the costume the man in the photo is wearing or try one of these simply DIY tutorials for superhero costumes for men of any age.

DIY Superman Costume

DIY Joker Makeup Tutorial

DIY Wolverine Claws

DIY Spiderman / Peter Parker Costume

Incredible Hulk Makeup Tutorial

DIY Superhero Costumes for Women

picture of a woman on a dark background wearing a superhero costume
Women do not need to stick strictly to women superhero costumes. There are easy DIY tutorials that turn almost any superhero costume into a women’s costume. Many women will use capes, spandex, tutus, and Halloween makeup to complete their superhero look. Watch these DIY superhero costume tutorials for inspiration.

DIY Wonder Woman Costume and Makeup

DIY Catwoman Costume

DIY Batgirl Costume

Effortless DIY Superhero Costumes for Women

DIY Marvel Avengers Halloween Costume for Women

DIY Superhero Costumes for Boys

picture of a Vietnamese boy wearing one of the basic superhero costumes
Almost all little boys want to dress up as superheroes for Halloween, but premade costumes from chain Halloween stores can be very expensive. Make your little man his own superhero costume this year and he’s sure to stand out from the crowd of store-bought costumes at school.

Basic Superhero Costumes for Kids

DIY Flash Mask For Kids

DIY Superhero Accessories for Kids

DIY Batman Cape and Hood

DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

DIY Superhero Costumes for Girls

picture of a blonde little girl wearing a red cape and mask as part of a superhero costume
If your little girl wants to be a superhero for Halloween this year, you know it’s difficult to find superhero costumes for girls. Most chain costume stores only sell superhero costumes for boys or hypersexualized versions of the costumes for women. Try these easy DIY girls superhero costumes tutorials for unique and creative costume ideas.

DIY Captain America Costume for Girls (tune in at the 2:35 mark)

DIY Supergirl Costume for Teens

DIY Sailor Moon Costume

DIY Batgirl Halloween Costume for Girls

DIY Big Hero 6 Halloween Costumes

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