Do You Remember All 7 Of These Nearly Forgotten Candies From The 1950s? [photos]

Updated February 13, 2017

When you were a kid, you probably set aside and saved your pennies, saved them up in a jar or piggy bank, and then when you had enough, ran down to the store and traded them in for a few candies. While we definitely had our favorites, many of these are still around today, some candies you just don’t see in stores anymore.

Because we miss the Good Old Days, when America had morals and was happier, we decided to take a look back in time and find all those candies we completely forgot about. Now, if you were a child of the 1950s, then you’re going to want to see all of these candies, because you probably indulged when you had the spare change.

Take a look and tell us which candies you remember and enjoyed the most when you were a child!

Now if the smiling sun on the front of the Satellite Wafers’ package doesn’t get you, the sweet assorted candy beads inside will. Also known as Flying Saucers, these colorful treats were a delight. Inside each of these wafers, you’d find a bunch of candy beads rolling around. They were fun to eat. Did you like ‘em?

Personally, I loved Black Jack Taffy. But my brother and I called them, Black Jacks, and we would go running down to the store on Saturday afternoons when the weather was good, pick up a pack of these and take them to the river. Back then we just seemed to have more free time than people do in 2017. These pieces had a licorice swirl in the center. But I don’t think kids today would enjoy this treat as much as we did back in the day.

Remember Super Bubble? With a few different flavors that were introduced over the years, nothing compared to their original. My friends always competed to see who could blow the biggest bubble – I was never able to blow one and always felt left out…

Because almonds and honey are so popular today, they should bring back the Bit-O-Honey. This almond and honey flavored taffy was many people’s favorite growing up. As chewy as gum but sweet. Plus, you could swallow it when you were done. It came in bite sized pieces and full sized bars.

Candy Cigarettes would never be allowed in stores today. Because the government wants to protect children from smoking and not let them think it is cool, these items which came in a chalky sugar flavor, chocolate, or bubblegum are long gone in the mainstream world.

Did you like Chuckles? These colored jelly candies were covered in a coating of sugar, and came in cherry, lemon, orange, lime, and licorice. You’d get one piece of each flavor per pack. Very organized.

Finally, the caramel creams from Goetze’s are never to be forgotten. You might have called them Chewies or Bulls Eyes but these were many people’s personal favorites. The creamy center, that everyone loved, was surrounded in a decadent caramel chew. Well worth the spare change.

Which 1950s candy was your favorite?

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