Do You Think School Was Right By Sending Teen Home, Claiming Outfit Was Inappropriate? (photos)

Updated July 7, 2017

In yet another skirmish in the ongoing culture war that has become American life, yet another schoolgirl has been sent home for wearing clothes deemed inappropriate by administrators. However, her big sister is not letting them get away with it and she has called school officials in her social media. You are going to love how she defends her little sister when you read her Facebook post.

Macy Edgerly is a normal high school kid, but on April 2, 2015, she became the battleground between bureaucratic school administrators and a crusading older sister.

On that day, she was sent home from school for wearing what school officials called “inappropriate attire.”

Her older sister, Erica Edgerly, was dumbfounded that the school would treat her sister in such a manner. outraged, she took several pictures of what her sister was wearing and then took her case to the court of public opinion.

She posted pictures of her sister’s outfit on her Facebook page, along with this caption:

“Today, my sister was sent home from school for wearing the clothes in the picture below. And I’m sorry but I have to stand up for my family and for women who are degraded and judged for their bodies and clothing everyday. People wonder why women feel insecure about their bodies or what they wear.. And it’s because you’re told your clothing is inappropriate when you’re completely fully clothed, even when you’re not showing cleavage or anything. How about instead of body shaming women, school systems should start teaching 15-18 year old boys to stop degrading women with their eyes and contributing to the rape culture of today’s society. Bottom line, girls cannot go to school in comfortable clothes THAT COVER EVERYTHING because school systems are afraid that hormonal boys won’t be able to control their eyes and minds. And that is such a bigger problem than worrying about clothing. No, I do not believe that all boys in middle school/high school degrade young women or sexualize their bodies. That is my point.. this is not an inappropriate outfit, yet some are worried it might be seen that way, so they send girls home to change to try to avoid an issue and THAT is the problem. Not to mention, when you send someone home because of inappropriate clothing, you’re taking away from their education. So I guess it’s more important for boys to not have distractions (even when there aren’t any) than a woman’s education. When will people realize how big of an issue this really is?”

She has received lots of support in her social network from friends. Some have left comments such as:

“I completely agree with you 100%, couldn’t have said it better myself!”

“That follows all of the school guidelines that they told us at the beginning of this year. There were girls at school today wearing shorter shirts than her and nothing happened to them. That’s ridiculous.”

“I mean that’s like saying baseball players and softball players are trashy for dressing the way they do. I mean that’s basically what that is. I think she deserves an apology.”

So, what do you think about what she is wearing? Please share your thoughts with us here.