Do You Think The Outfits Fourth-Grade Teacher Wears To Work Are Inappropriate?

Updated July 12, 2017

Dress codes in schools is not a new debate. It’s been going on for years and girls learn at a young age what is appropriate and what is not. Some schools live by a few rules for choosing appropriate apparel for the classroom. If the end of your fingertips falls below where shorts fall, then some say that the shorts are too short and you can get kicked out of school for the day or told to go home and change. There have been several different rules tried out over the years and female students have pushed the limits.

But, how often do you hear about a teacher getting harassed for wearing what some think are inappropriate clothing choices for the classroom?

A fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta has recently received a lot of criticism for her choice in attire and some of those outfits have gone viral. Patrice “Tricey” Brown is known as #teacherbae on social media where she posts images of herself teaching in the classroom. While this seems like a harmless thing to do, these photos have gone viral as critics have gotten into a heated debate about what is appropriate and what is not.

There is no denying “Tricey” has curves, but how she shows off or conceals those curves has become quite the concern. The images below are some that were posted on her page and sparked the debate…

Some say those curves need to be concealed in the classroom and others believe that she should be allowed to flaunt them, especially since nothing is technically being revealed.

Commenters had an array of thoughts on the topic…

“The lady would look good no matter what she wears. Leave her alone and let her teach!”

The photos have gotten so much attention that a poll was posted, asking viewers if the teacher dressed appropriately or not. In response to the poll, commenters had several answers…

“Only if she teaches pole dancing.”

“Absolutely inappropriate. This is a place of business, not a date. Come on now!”

“Let’s be real…the outfits were chosen to show off her curves and you have to be a fool to think she’s not aware.”

“What’s wrong with how she’s dressed? Nothing is revealing! People are just intimidated by her curves.”

“Any of these outfits on a thin lady with no breasts or a** would not be considered inappropriate.”

And others thought it was a race issue…

“Really fascinating to watch people assume a Black female teacher is intentionally trying to sexually entice her students with a dress. If it isn’t our hair, it’s going to be our shape. If it isn’t our shape, it’s going to be our attitude. Whatever issues folks can have w/us.”

Other commenters claimed that they would stay for detention or have perfect attendance if she was the teacher.

Tricey has been a good sport about all of it and she recently deleted the photos from her social media accounts. She also shared the following…

“My only focus is to remain FOCUSED. This too shall pass.”