Do You Think This Girl’s Yearbook Photo Deserved To Be Rejected?

Updated October 3, 2017

When a teenage girl posed for her yearbook photo, she never thought it would soon become a nation-wide scandal. But after she submitted the nice picture, the school denied it for her senior yearbook photo on grounds that it was “inappropriate.” And when she heard that, the teenage girl quickly went to social media to blast her school for their unfair double standards. And if you feel that this is just another instance of a dress code violation gone wrong, you’d be right. Except for this time it is different. And the student has fought back with a vengeance. See what she had to say about her school’s hypocrisy on social media.

When school officials rejected high school senior Eleanor Fitzwilliams’s yearbook photo, she blasted the school’s double standards in one tweet.

The high school senior posted the image she submitted alongside an image of the high school’s swimming team. In her image, she is wearing a sleeveless dress that showcases her brazier along the side of her body. This must have been the reason the school found her “inappropriate” image too scandalous for their yearbook.

Yet in the image of the boys swim team, Fitzwilliams shows that the school gladly shared the image of twenty young boys with no shirts on in only a skimpy pair of speedos. Because this was their so-called uniform, the school thought it was fine for the young men to pose nearly naked for the yearbook.

Along with the images, she wrote, “here’s my senior picture. because you can see my part of my brallette, it was “too inappropriate”. yet, here’s the boys swim team picture.”

What do you think? Does the high school senior have a point? Or is she wrong about the boys in the speedos?

Apparently her school thought her bare arms were too scandalous for the yearbook. Although some people on social media claim that the swim team was just wearing their “uniform,” they agreed that what Fitzwilliams had on was not nearly scandalous enough to ban from the yearbook.

But Fitzwilliams did not just stop with the passive aggressive tweet. She actually confronted her school’s officials. And they said her picture violated the dress code.

“I brought up the boys swim team but was told they didn’t know what to tell me and I should bring it up with the athletic director,” she tells Scary Mommy.

And the school had no answer to her.

“The staff member who runs the yearbook and other administrators deemed my picture inappropriate because it violates a small section of the dress code about undergarments,” she says. “My rebuttal to this is that the speedos can also be considered undergarments, yet they serve a different function to be worn for the swim teams uniform. My bralette is technically an undergarment but for me, it served the purpose of covering my side where my top didn’t.”

Soon enough hundreds of other girls her age were tweeting about the sexism they face at school.

“I never thought it would get this big but I’m so appreciative of all the support I’m getting,” she says. “My peers at school are really proud of me and super supportive! Even people I don’t know very well have reached out to me to say how cool they think this is.”