Do You Throw Away Your Tea Bags? Stop. Here Are 14 Things You Never Knew You Could Use Them For

Updated April 19, 2017

If you’re like me, one of your favorite ways to wind down after a busy day is with a relaxing cup of tea. Whether you enjoy black tea, green tea or herbal teas like chamomile is a matter of taste, but after enjoying your cup you probably all do the same thing – throw out the tea bag.

While it is perfectly normal to throw the tea bag out after enjoying the cup, there are actually a number of better ways to dispose of it. In the article below, we’ll discuss the ten best ways for you to get rid of your tea bags. And you probably never even considered these alternative uses before. Check this out now!

Tea bags decompose. Because most British tea bags are made from a plant relative to a banana, this makes it easy for them to break down in nature. Manila hemp comes from the fibers of the abaca leaf stalks, which is a cousin to the banana. Because manufacturers use very little plastic, the bag breaks down when put in the compost. After about six months, the tea bag will completely disappear, the UK Tea & Infusions Association reports.

Besides decomposing, tea adds nutrients to the soil. The tannic acid acts as a natural fertilizer for your garden. And as these leaves break down, they release even more nutrients into the soil. This creates a healthy place for plants and vegetables to grow, The Gardening Cook reports.

If you start putting your tea bags in the compost, you will reduce the amount of garbage your home produces. That means fewer chores.

Tea bags can help keep away pests. Along with coffee grounds, the scent of tea repels bugs. That means less pests chewing your plants and vegetables.

Not only does it keep away bugs, but the smell of tea keeps cats at bay too. Sprinkle used tea leaves around your yard and cats will stop using your property as their urinating grounds.

You can grow a garden with used tea bags. They can seed and germinate providing you with new flora to flaunt.

Besides decomposing themselves, tea bags also increase the speed other things decompose. This works because the acid in the tea speeds up the process.

Every gardener loves earthworms. And earthworms love tea leaves. They eat them! This will make your garden even more nutrient-rich.

Tea bags increase water retention in your soil. So, bury tea bags around the roots of your plants for healthier and faster-growing flora.

Did we mention that tea bags keep weeds at bag? Bury them around your yard or garden and you’ll do less work weeding. Not only does this make life easier, it makes your garden and yard look prettier.

Who knew that tea bags had so many alternative uses when you’re done using them in your drink? Instead of throwing a used bag in the trash, collect it and use it in your garden.

Have you ever tried burying tea bags before? Tell us about your experience.

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