Doctors Didn’t Think He’d Come Out Of His Coma. Then His Dog Visits, Performs Miracle

Updated January 25, 2017

It seems as if every day we are hearing stories about dogs saving their owners. And if they don’t save them, then they are certainly known to lighten their spirits and give them a sense of purpose. This is the exact reason why certain breeds are used as therapy dogs and spend several hours of their day catering to those in hospital settings. Just by having a brief interaction with a pup, a broken spirit can be patched up and lifted, which is why they are known as the most popular family pet. They also make it easy to get in that much needed daily exercise as they are a perfect walking companion.

As one seventy-three-year-old Italian man was taking his dog, Nancy, on her daily walk, he suffered a heart attack. While he was resuscitated just in time, he still fell into a coma and failed to make any improvements.

While Giovanni has been in the hospital for a month, his beloved pup, Nancy, has stayed on high alert, anxiously awaiting her owner’s arrival back home. She has been perched by the front door since the incident happened, and has yet to give up hope that he will come home.

Giovanni’s daughter, Deborah, recognized Nancy’s sad behavior and brought her in to the hospital to see her father, hoping that it would lighten Nancy’s mood. Evidently, Deborah had discovered a new hospital program that allows pets to visit patients while they are admitted. It’s no surprise that Nancy was thrilled about seeing her owner again, and she wagged her tail in excitement when Deborah held her by Giovanni’s bedside. They had expected this response from Nancy, but what they didn’t expect was the way Giovanni reacted while in a coma…


His facial expression changed and he began convulsing gently when the dog was placed beside him. Having been in a coma for so long, the sudden activity was very surprising. “She stayed close and kissed my father,” said Deborah. “I like to think that was him saying, ‘Hello little one, now we can say goodbye.”

The moment was quite bittersweet, as it was sad that it was most likely their last interaction, but a happy moment at the same time because they had the chance to say goodbye, thanks to the hospital’s new policy. Hopefully this incident will cause other hospitals to adopt the program so patients have the chance of comfort and love from their best furry friends. It’s obviously no surprise that having a visit from you pet is beneficial to both parties involved.


Commenters agreed that dogs should be encouraged to visit their patients….

“Dogs should be able to visit their best friend in the hospital!”

And maybe Deborah will attempt to bring sweet Nancy for a daily visit to see if it helps Giovanni even more…

“They should bring the dog everyday and he’ll wake up.”

“Never underestimate what the love and loyalty of an animal can do!!!”

Pet owners can relate that animals are a great source of natural medication and stress relief…

“Pets are THE best medicine!!!”