Doctors Know Baby Is Going To Be Big, But No One Expected It To Break The Record

Updated October 5, 2017

When carrying a baby for nine months, a mother’s body undergoes a lot of stress and at times it’s easy for the mother to think that the baby in the womb is massive, especially during those last few weeks of pregnancy. On average a baby is between six and eight pounds, but every now and then the scale slides a bit toward the larger end.

One Brazilian mother has proof that her new baby actually was massive while she was in the womb. Toward the end of her pregnancy, mother of three, Maira Trevisan, was told by doctors that she was carrying a rather large baby, but even the doctors were shocked when the realized just how large the baby girl was.

Baby Gabrielly was born on September 19th. While the doctors at the Cascavel University hospital in Parana, Brazil were certain that the baby would be big, they underestimated just how big she actually was and Gabrielly’s size broke the hospital’s 27-year-old record. Prior to Gabrielly’s birth, the maternity unit registered an infant weighing in at 11 pounds.

“It was a bit of a shock and surprisingly uncomfortable the first day I took her into my arms,” said Maira.  “I didn’t expect her to be so heavy and so long. But I’m now getting used to her,” she added laughing.

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the largest baby ever born was 22 pounds. Her name was ‘Babe,’ and she died 11 hours after birth due to complications.

While Gabrielly spent eight days in the hospital due to an enlarged heart following her birth, she is a happy and healthy baby now.

“For the first three days I couldn’t breastfeed because she had difficulty breathing and needed oxygen,” said Maira. “Now she’s feeding without any problems.”

It turns out that even cutting-edge technology can’t always grasp the size of a baby in utero.

“The doctor told me he had never done an ultrasound of a child so big,” said Maira. An ultrasound was done two hours prior to her cesarean section, but it didn’t reveal just how big she actually turned out to be. “In fact, he underestimated just how big she was going to be. But he correctly predicted she was going to be the largest baby ever born in the unit.”The nurses haven’t stopped taking pictures with Gabrielly. She’s become a bit of a celebrity because they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Maira shared that her pregnancy went smoothly and she only gained 24 pounds above her normal weight, but at the beginning, she did feel like her belly grew faster than normal and at one point she and her husband thought that they were going to have twins.

“At six months Gabrielly was already weighing 4.1 pounds, which is nearly three times the normal size of a baby at this stage.

The only struggle that the couple is having today, is making sure they have clothes that are big enough for the newborn. She is currently wearing six-month-old clothing.

What’s the biggest baby you ever met?