Dog Approaches Baby With Odd Request, Mom Can’t Stop Laughing As She Films

Updated November 19, 2017

Dogs are intelligent creatures. They can pick up on emotional cues and can learn behavioral tricks. As I listen to “Travels with Charley” by John Steinbeck on books with tape, I see this come alive more than ever. Charley is the author’s French poodle. And while the dog cannot hold up the conversation or do a lot of things humans can do, Charley helps the author connect with strangers on the road and explore more of America.

But this adorable videos shows just how intelligent another breed of dog, the Labradoodle can be. If you are unfamiliar with this emerging breed, you might be able to guess by its name that this dog is a mix between a Labrador retriever and a poodle. Both of those breeds individually are intelligent, but when they come together, they make a playful, cheerful companion.

One day, mom took out her camera because she was seeing a viral moment unfolding right before her. Her family’s Labradoodle was begging the baby to play with him. And mom couldn’t stop laughing at just how hard this dog was working to get a partner in play.

While the dog might be intelligent, he didn’t realize that the baby couldn’t do much. At its stage of development, it can pretty much do some crawling around and not much else. The baby certainly can’t take up a ball and play fetch with the capricious Labradoodle. Although the dog desperately wanted a play partner, the baby just wasn’t going to cut.

But that doesn’t mean the dog was going to give up. The dog was stubborn and thought he had found a person to play fetch with and wasn’t going to let the baby get out of the commitment.

As you watch the clip, you’ll see the dog’s “thoughts” pop up on the video screen.

“Come on! Throw the ball! I’m waiting!” the family’s Labradoodle thinks in the video.

And even if the video maker hadn’t put those captions on the screen, I’d still assume the dog was thinking those things – by his behavior.

Although the video was uploaded six years ago, it is still extremely popular. And the following are some comments from viewers like you.

“This was so cute, but I thought the dog was trying to share his/her toy with the babies. On top of that making sure both babies got a chance to share his toy!!”

“SOO ADORABLE it is an amazing vid!! It worth to be your sub. By the way, I have couple cute twin’s vids on my channel that you may love. We post new vids twice a week. Thanks.”

“Super cute!  My Schnoodle does that to us as soon as we sit on the couch.  If he thinks we don’t see it, he’ll kludge closer or even toss it in our lap!  So funny!”

“Cute, cute, cute!”

“Oh, that’s so cute.”

“Cute babies and a nice dog”

What is your reaction to this adorable clip? Are you laughing along with mom like the rest of us?