Dog Has Best Reaction To Seeing Owner On Video Chat After Being Lost For 2 Years [watch]

Updated April 19, 2017

Bosco the dog had been missing for two years after escaping from his Rhode Island home.

When the local shelter caught the lost dog and notified his owner, the reunion was beyond comprehension.

The YouTube description explains: “Bosco the beagle mix was on his own for 764 days after running away in January 2014. ‘He was leashed in the back yard and somehow he just slipped off the leash,’ said Sheilah Graham, volunteer with Missing Dogs of Massachusetts.”

The description continues: “Bosco has been sighted on and off, so Missing Dogs of Massachusetts set a trap, with a camera monitoring it. Bosco re-appeared, walked up to it and went inside. Graham called Bosco’s owner minutes later.”

The Fox news reporter was there to capture the amazing happy ending, as Bosco and his owner were able to FaceTime. In the footage, Bosco is seen shivering, as the shelter volunteer reassures the dog, saying, “That’s a good boy. Over two years buddy. You’re okay.”

Graham recreated the phone call to Bosco’s owner, saying, “Hey Bill, do you recognize this noise?” She explains that she then put the phone near where Bosco was barking.

His owner, Bill Ballato, explained, “All I heard was him howling in the background and I knew instantly that it was him…and I almost fainted.”

Unfortunately, the dog’s owner moved from the area in the past two years.

Then, the FaceTime reunion between Bosco and Bill, as his owner is heard saying, “There he is. Hey bud, your face has gotten a little whiter.” The dog looks sweetly at the camera as Bill speaks to him.

Bosco’s owner and the missing dog organization are working on a reunion plan, as Bill explained, “I have medical issues that prevent me from traveling.”

When the reporter asked what Bosco has been up to for the last two years, Graham explained, “They can survive any time frame. They just revert right back into their survival instinct.”

They noted that Bosco was sighted near restaurants in the past and was caught by a dumpster, so he was probably eating regularly. His owner noted, “He’s really a remarkable dog, obviously.”

Commenters on the YouTube video were concerned about why Bosco ran away in the first place, with one writing: “He was kept chained up in a backyard? That’s no life for a dog. Especially in January in RI.” Another remarked: “Find the dog a new owner! One that does not tie the dog up in the yard!!!! This owner does not deserve him back!”

Another came to the dog owner’s defense, however, commenting: “First, he is shaking because he is scared. he has been roaming the streets for two years and then gets trapped. he has no idea what’s going on. secondly, you guys make it sound like the dog was leashed all day and night. I used to leash my beagle outside because we don’t have a fence and there are leash laws. I put her on a long leash so she could run around the yard or lounge in the sun. She was a house dog and spoiled beyond belief. Goodness, some of you need to stop accusing this man of animal abuse. Leading a dog outside is not abuse as long as it’s not all day and night and as long as there’s not extreme weather.”