Dog Is Reunited With Owner After Being Separated For 3 Years, His Reaction Is Caught On Camera

Updated June 13, 2017

Dogs have very good memories and form lifelong bonds with their human companions. We just found a touching video that demonstrates this fact perfectly. Watch as a dog sees his owner after being separated for three years. You are going to love this beautiful video of unconditional love and reunion.

This heartwarming video has been watched on YouTube more than fifteen million, seven hundred and fifty thousand times. It has also received more than forty two thousand thumbs up and thousands of people have posted comments about their own feelings and experiences with dogs, saying things like:

“You can see the dog thinking ‘Is that…No, it can’t be. he’s been gone SO long. But it LOOKS like Sniff sniff Oh my god it is, it really is OH OH OH IT REALLY TRULY IS HIM!’”- Eric Taylor

“the dog paused like ‘is that you bro’?”- Queensnazzy

“The moment when the dog pause to recognise his owner… makes me chill.”- Anna Kartika

“this is why I love dogs!”- Amberly Love

“mine follows me EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. and does that if i walk in the other room. she is great though.”- Eskay1206

“I DARE you to tell me that dogs have no souls.”- Buck Wade

“Oh my, my, my….doggie is beyond happy….doggies remember people who love them and are kind to them. Such a heart warming video.”- Gayle Mama Butterfly

“Dear GOD… thankyou for give us the verybest friend inthis life… i love dogs… please stop killing dog … they are the best creatures in this world”-Wonder World

“Dogs are really man’s best friend. I have never had a human miss me this much.”- Vic McFadden

“Dogs are wonderful!”- Christopher Bell

“And they say dogs don’t remember. BS.”- Wooster001

“My 6 dogs did the same thing. I was gone for 8 months. I’d been hit by a car while walking. Took 30 screws 4 rods and 4 BOLTS (holding my pelvis together) all of it down my left side. But I was determined to walk again and did it over a year and a half ahead of time. Got home to my dogs and now 4 months later they still cover me like a blanket while I sleep lol.”- Master’s dolly

“oh my god the dog are crying so hard when he sees his owner.”- Milky Way

“My dog acts this way, when I come back after 3 hours 🙂 and sometimes after 3 minutes :))
Bit I still loved this vid. Dog is — YO Yo, finally ! You’re back ! Yo owo owo. The guy is like – I’m happy to see you too, but please – Shhh keep it down, we’re in public. Lol”- Life Force

“Dogs are the best people in the world!”- Chefjimmy1

Of course, with this being YouTube and all, there were other, less supportive or even relevant, comments, such as:

“You know it’s real when it’s a vertical video.”- Julian Blooper Finder

“Whoever recorded this should never be allowed to record anything ever again.”- Vicdog 408

“did you know that if you died in your house, your cat wouldn’t hesitate to eat you?”- Twilight Princess

“I don’t know…everybody is way too happy, I’m thumbing this down.”- Roger Hornaday

So, did you tear up when you watched this video? Have you ever had to leave your dog with someone else? Please share your stories with us here.