Dog Knows He’s Not Allowed To Dig Holes. I Am In Stitches When He Realizes He’s Caught

Updated December 7, 2016

Jack the Golden Retriever was on a mission. He was digging a hole in the yard and really wanted to get down to something. But the owner caught him in the act and got the footage on video. That’s when the hilarious happens.

The owner opens the door to confront the dog. And instead of just being guilty and accepting his fate, Jack tries to hide the evidence. He crouches down inside the ditch he just made and stares at the owner.

Check out the viral video clip included below to see the expression on that dog’s face!

As soon as the owner unlocks the back door to step out to confront the dog, Jack does something interesting. He drops down like there is enemy fire coming. He puts his chin right down in the hole to hide it from his owner.

“What are you doing?” the dog owner says to the pooch.

Jack the Golden Retriever doesn’t budge. He thinks he has gotten away with it and has hidden the proof of his digging habit from the owner.

But dog owner Ali Wyland caught Jack’s indiscretion on video – and confronted him while he was busy digging.

Amazingly Jack knew to hit the ground and hide his hole when he heard the owner coming. He was the perfect criminal. Too bad, he couldn’t get away with the crime since he was caught doing it on tape.

Viewers of the clip think the dog is absolutely adorable. A troublemaker, but adorable nonetheless. Here are a few responses from MailOnline that you’ll appreciate.

“What an adorable rascal!”

“Lol. Such a beautiful dog! Dogs are actually one of the smartest animals on our planet. They are one of the only animals that actively use triangulation. This means that when you use your finger to point at something, they will actually turn their head and try to find what you are pointing at. Instead of just staring at your finger. Not too shabby!”

OMG too cute for words… just made my day….

“Well the dog has hardly ruined the grass, now has he? But he does look a bit of a character.”

“first and foremost I’d like to offer my legal services to Jack for free. Jack, call me BEFORE you get caught next time, I have a variety of defenses and excuses you may find useful, based not only on my experience as a successful trial lawyer, but as the step mom of my husband’s 2 spoiled and foolish rescue dogs who despite having moved on to Rainbow Bridge are still the World Champions for getting out of any and all Troubles.”

“My German Shepherd only occasionally does a bit of landscape gardening but when he does he is very careful to wash his paws in the water bucket so I will not know he is the guilty party. He forgets of course that he has left a trail of evidence to link him to his crime.”

What do you think about Jack’s digging addiction?

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