Dog Who Was Left To Die Is Rescued By Guardian Angels, Undergoes Unreal Transformation

Updated June 14, 2017

When Bob Marley the dog was rescued, his fur was matted to look like dreadlocks. While the singer by the same name had his dreadlocks intentionally, the rescue pooch did not have that luxury. His dreadlocks only came because he was severely neglected and denied dog grooming. Found with his best friend, “Rita”, the two dogs were rescued and brought into an animal shelter. Bob’s fur was so think and pervasive, he was likely blinded by it. Getting it cut off was the first thing the animal rescue workers decided to do when they got their paws on Bob Marley the dog. Check out this before and after image below!

Because Bob Marley the dog got a makeover, he now looks like a new animal. Not only is he cared for, but he still gets to hang out with Rita and now they’re getting looked over by a vet. But the kennel where they’re being kept admits it has a problem. They do not have enough capacity to keep Bob and Rita for long. So, they’re asking the public for donations to keep their operation running at full speed.

Bob and Rita were found abandoned in a barn. The rescuers took them to Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Laurel, Mississippi to give them the makeover they sorely needed.

Because Bob was severely neglected, he was so filthy and smelled like gym “towels that have been soured for months – only worse”, SCAR wrote on Facebook. They knew they needed to take action to help the poor dog.

“Our hearts are broken for these sweet babies,” SCAR wrote. “The abuse and neglect never seems to end.”

Although Bob was a shy dog, the rescue workers were able to hold him down long enough to give him a much need shave. With his dreadlocks cut off, he looks like a brand-new animal. And he is so much happier!

Because the dreadlocked fur was blinding him, when it was gone Bob could see again. After his haircut, Bob was reunited with “Rita”, who was named after Bob Marley the singer’s wife. She needed a haircut too although her fur was not nearly as matted. Rita is also missing some of her teeth.

See Bob and Rita before an after in the video below.

It is adorable how the two dogs share a connection. They are currently staying together at the Parkside Animal Hospital, where they’re getting their health checkups.

SCAR is asking the public for donations. They are currently accepting money on their PayPal account so they can provide more care for animals like Bob and Rita. Because they are at maximum capacity and have been for weeks, they’re looking to but or receive large or extra-large wire kennels.

One Daily Mail reader pointed out that millennials won’t like hearing how they named the dog after the singer:

“Uh-oh, they named him Bob Marley? No pun intended, but isn’t that a dog whistle? Sounds like a micro-aggression to me. The folks at the animal shelter will be looking for new volunteer jobs once all the millennials hear about this…”

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