Dog Wouldn’t Stop Begging For A Piece Of Sour Candy, Here’s What Instant Regret Looks Like

Updated January 9, 2017

During the holidays, dogs seem to get extra greedy. With all of those delicious smelling foods in the kitchen, pet owners cannot turn their back to the turkey or ham for one moment without risking their pooch getting a mouthful. Recently, a small Chihuahua mix ate the entire turkey and was caught bloated and immobile.

But dogs aren’t only greedy during the holidays, though this time of year brings out the worst in them, they want a piece of everything you’re eating – even if it is bad for them. They’ll stare in your eyes, beg for a taste, and do everything in their power to compel you to hand over the food.

One pit bull was eager and hungry. But he didn’t know that the sour Warhead candy wouldn’t match his taste buds. In the video below, you’ll watch as the owner opens the candy wrapper and then offers his begging dog a lick of the extra sour candy. Watch the pooch’s hilarious reaction below!

In the start of the clip, you’ll see the man sitting at the kitchen counter opening the candy wrapper. Since the dog is sitting on the floor, begging for some food, he decides to tease the dog and offer him a lick of the candy.

While he taunts the dog, he says, “Sour head. Hey, you want some? This is extremely sour. You’re drooling.”

The dog has gotten fair warning. Too bad he doesn’t understand English…

The camera pans to the dog and then the pooch sits, begging for a bit of the sour candy.

The owner allows the dog to lick the sour candy. After just two licks, the pup’s face scrunches up as he realizes and reacts to the extreme taste.

Because he got a taste, he knows he doesn’t like it now. But the owner still wants to play with him. He offers the candy again. Then again. The dog pulls back and dashes away to safety – he never wants to taste anything that sour again!

With just a few licks, the pit bull KNOWS that sour candies are not for him. His visceral reaction is hilarious to watch because we knew from the jump that the dog shouldn’t be eating these candies.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by MrJadm365 back in November 2016. Since then the clip has been viewed more than 2.5 million times and is very popular.

According to WebMD, giving your dog candy to eat can be dangerous. Fortunately, this homeowner just gave his pit bull a taste so it wasn’t going to do any damage. But if the dog gets into a candy jar, they could be very sick.

But if the candy is sweetened with xylitol, “It can cause your dog’s blood sugar to drop and can also cause liver failure. Early symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and coordination problems,” WebMD reports.

If your dog eats what it shouldn’t, contact your local vet immediately.

Meanwhile, check out the harmless, prank video below and laugh along with the owner.

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