Dog’s Owner Desperately Wants To Leave The Park, But The Pup’s Reaction Has Me In Stitches

Updated August 8, 2017

We all know how much dogs love to get outside to run and play in the grass – except for this unique husky who prefers to stay in the bathtub. But when this pup gets out to the park, he doesn’t think it is an option to go back home. He refuses to listen to his owner’s pleas and begging. Instead, the dog does everything in its power to stay in the park, including its most effective tactic – to play dead. Meanwhile, the owner desperately tries to drag the dog home. But because the dog knows the owner is trying to take him home, he allows his body to fall flat to the ground and be dragged against his will, making the owner look like a fool.

To the owner’s credit, he tries his best. He tries to drag the dog down the footpath back home. But the pup refuses. It simply lies on the path with its legs in the air demanding the owner drag him home if he’s going to end his time in the park already.

In the video, you can see onlookers gathering and laughing as the dog puts up a good fight.

The dog simply did not want to go home. In front of a large crowd, the dog put of a huge fight. He was too eager to continue enjoying the nice weather at Burleigh Hill on Australia’s Gold Coast. He didn’t want to cut the day short yet.

The video was posted with the caption, “The dog who REALLY wasn’t ready to leave just yet.”

With all eyes on him, the dog’s owner gets desperate. He resorts to pleading with his animal, begging the dog to get off the pavement. Instead, the canine plops on his back and forces the owner to act and makes him look like the bad guy.

In the video, you can hear a man nearby saying, “Excuse me sir, I think your dog’s broken.”

The canine continues to ignore the owner’s best attempt to get the dog back to the apartment.

Desperate, the man drags the dog but gives up realizing he would only hurt the dog if it continues to resist. Instead, he removes the collar and walks away. With his owner leaving him behind, the dog must choose between life with his owner or life in the park.

Onlookers cheer when the dog reluctantly gets back to his feet and hurries after his embarrassed owner on their way out of the park.

Kristen Bohlsen captured the original video and posted it to her Facebook page where it went viral.

Here were some of the most popular comments on Daily Mail:

“So cute! Brought a smile to my face, on a dull Monday, thank you.”

“My dog does this often when it’s time for home. The only thing for it is to walk away and say ‘what’s this?’ with a treat in my hand. I’m sure it happens to a lot of dog owners!”

“Ahh walking away and pretend you’re going home……works a treat with my children too lol Great video for a miserable Monday morning.”

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