Dog’s Reaction To Eating Peanut Butter For The First Time Has Me In Stitches [video]


It had just been a few weeks since he welcomed a cute Labrador puppy named Charlie into his home. And because the dog was a new member of the family, the pet owner wanted to make sure the dog felt loved and welcomed. This meant that Charlie got lots of attention and snacks.

But when it came to trying something new, Charlie’s reaction surprised his owner so much, he just had to take out his phone and film the moment. Now the cute puppy’s response is going viral, and when you see what he did in the video below, you’ll understand why.

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When the video begins, the pet owner holds a spoon at the center of the shot. It has a scoop of peanut butter on it. He holds it out to the adorable golden-haired dog. But Charlie doesn’t lunge at it like the owner thought he would.

Instead, Charlie cautiously sniffs the peanut butter. Unsure that it will taste good, the dog pulls away from it, hesitating.

The owner pushes the spoon closer to Charlie, and the dog gets playful. He must think it is a stinky toy because he keeps jumping away from it and pawing at it.

At the 40-second mark, Charlie lunges at it and catches his tooth on a bit of peanut butter. Oh no! The dog licks his lips and explores the brand-new taste. He wags his head and then goes in for another sniff. But he is not convinced that peanut butter is something he wants to eat.

Charlie barks and then pushes himself away from the spoon and back onto his feet. He bounds around the room, jumping playfully.

The cute clip was uploaded last month with the caption: “A cute Labrador named Charlie attempts to try peanut butter for the first time. The temptation is strong but he knows it’s not his cheat day!”

And thousands of people have tuned in to watch the cute dog play with the peanut butter.

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Many left comments including, one who joked, “This is abuse! Where is the ASPCA? Peanut Butter is like Crack to a dog, they’ll start doing tricks just to get a fix. Do you know how many innocent puppies get hooked on jiffy or skippy every day? They try to hide their addiction but once all your spoons come up missing it’s too late!”

Others suspected that Charlie had specific tastes, “maybe the pup wants only organic.”

Alisa Grant thinks Charlie could see his reflection in the spoon. She wrote, “Looks like the dog could see his reflection in the spoon but was baffled because it smelled like food. If you really wanted him to eat the peanut butter, you would have held the spoon down. Seeing a reflection, he backed away and licked his lips at whatever he saw to let it know he wasn’t a threat. No, I don’t know much about dogs, but I learned that recently about dog behavior.”

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