Drone Video Captures The Future Of Cars, Pay Close Attention To The Blue And White Car

Updated September 11, 2017

Remember the days when we thought that The Jetsons cartoon was the future and that there was no way that we would ever live in a reality where cars flew?

Well, we were wrong. We have surpassed our dreams of having cell phones do everything and cars being able to drive themselves. We now live in a world that is constantly changing and being developed in a way that allows our lives to be much easier.

Believe it or not, a new car design known as the AeroMobil 3.0 is taking to the roads and the sky and you can witness it in action in the video below.

The vehicle is complete with a sleek white and blue exterior and an interior that has a full control panel, including a GPS system that puts our iPhone’s tracking system to shame. The front of the vehicle looks like an airplane head, and then you see the wheels and you are thrown off a bit. The wings fold in and instantly becomes a car, taking to the road effortlessly. And then it happens, the same vehicle that was just making its way down open roads, transforms into an airplane. The winds open up and the plane accelerates before lifting off from the ground and flying through the air. It truly looks like the world that the Jetsons live in.

It’s really quite a magnificent sight to see an actual take off from a runway and instantly transform into an airplane. And when that vehicle lands, in manages to do so incredibly smoothly, surprising all those who are nearby witnessing the historical moment.

Commenters shared their opinions on the futuristic vehicle…

Some shared their knowledge on these types of inventions and what the future really holds…

“While the concept is cool, it’s not practical.  It takes far too much room for taking off and landing.  The future is all about space restriction and what can be done with it.  If we are to have flying vehicles built for the general public someday, they will need vertical thrust for easy maneuverability.  How will you have hundreds of people taking off and landing at the same time for their morning commute?  You would have to spend hours in queue for your turn.  Also, accidents while in the air and being able to avoid them.  If computer navigated mid air highways are the next step you will need the ability to bring your vehicle to a complete stop or even reverse while in flight.  An on board computer with accelerometers and gyros will be needed to handle all of the small calculations needed to take much of the human error out of the equation while flying.  (keeping the vehicle level and easily drivable) While this looks like a “cool toy” I believe it to be a step in the wrong direction.”

“Great design. I’ve been following you guys ever since I first saw that 2.5 version. Four things could be improved: – The back wheels are hanging down a lot when flying, and I assume they increase drag significantly (plus they look awkward). Couldn’t you make them retract a little? – The ground clearance in the front section is too small. When you landed in that grass field at the end of the video, it looked as if it brushed along the ground a little (I might be wrong but, either way, it could use more ground clearance when landing, especially on uneven terrain with small rocks and debris on it). – One of the propeller’s blade is too close to the ground while driving. A three bladed propeller wouldn’t have this problem. – The side windows are way too small. While flying this might not be a big issue, but when driving this is a potential hazard due to its limiting field of view. Otherwise, congratulations. This is the first car/plane hybrid that looks like it has a future, in my opinion.”