Eight-Year-Old Inspires, Donates Her Favorite Doll With Note Attached To Hurricane Victims

Updated September 8, 2017

While natural disasters have the potential to leave a vast amount of devastation in their tracks, some good actually may come out of them. One family learned just how generous and thoughtful their little girl was.

Following Hurricane Harvey, thousands of home owners were at a loss, as they had no place to go and had to leave behind their most cherished belongings. The storm tore through the area and left a mess in its wake, leaving families having to say goodbye to the places that they called home.

While eight-year-old Lilly Bice of Diamondhead, Mississippi never had the unfortunate luck of having to lose her belongings in a natural disaster, she had the heart of someone who understand what it is like to go through such devastation. The Diamondhead, Mississippi resident’s parents had gone through Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago, before she was born and while they were in the midst of discussing ways that they could help Houston with the recovery efforts, little Lilly took it upon herself to contribute in the best way she knew how.

After hearing her parents, E.J. and Melissa Brice discuss all of the items that the Harvey victims lost, she went to her room and started gathering toys that she wanted to give to children in need.

“We went through Katrina so we know the heartache and the loss of everything,” said E.J. “We were discussing it and she just went to her room and started grabbing her own toys and putting them in a bag.”

But Lilly didn’t just gather items that she could part with, she chose one particular item that is was particularly close to her…her favorite new doll. And alongside the doll, Lilly included a note that is managing to tug at the heartstrings of all who read it.

The note read the following…

“Dear Little Girl, I hope you like my new doll and her things. Take good care of her and have fun. She was a good friend to me and will be an incredible friend to you.”

And as if Lilly hadn’t gone above and beyond already, she went on to include an adoption sheet so the new little girl could fill it out, claiming ownership of the doll. And she’s even letting the little girl name the doll.

“I left the name blank because I wanted the little girl to be able to name her,” Lilly said.

When E.J. learned about his daughter’s plan to give up her favorite doll, he made the decision to take a trip to Houston to serve food to first responders at NRG Stadium. But, he’s not departing empty-handed. He will have the baby doll in tow, along with the note.

He has a very important mission to get the doll in a good set of hands.

“The doll is coming with me,” he said. “I’m kind of nervous. I don’t know who to give it to.”

Melissa Bice isn’t all that surprised by her daughter’s adorable behavior and she claims that Lilly is an “old soul” and understands far more than most 8-year-olds do.

“I hope the doll is going to make her happy,” Lilly said. “She is one of my favorites.”