Ellen Gave Her A Car As A Surprise Gift. But It’s What Happens Next That Has Her Dropping To Her Knees

Updated July 11, 2016

During Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, an officer with the Army National Guard, Chris Banford calls up the host live on air. He explains to Ellen that he has missed their 10th wedding anniversary and that’s it’s the first one he’s ever not been able to share with his wife Mary.

The spotlight suddenly shines on his wife in the audience as she is blown away by the epic moment televised to the world. Chris asks Ellen to do one thing for him, and when she says she will help him, everyone is blown away!

The crowd is tearing up when Chris explains that he has missed their anniversary because of his military duties for America.

But what Ellen does to help out this couple completely blew my mind.

Soon after the call, Ellen brings Mary up on stage and starts to ask her lots of questions about her husband and their family. They have two young boys and live in Oklahoma. Her husband is stationed about 6 hours away for a military training.

But after just a few minutes, Ellen realizes that this young wife has no way of reaching her husband since their car is in terrible condition. So then seconds later, Ellen surprises Mary when she presents her with a brand-new car. But she is only getting started on her surprise for the deserving couple.

Watch what Ellen does next at the 3:40 mark. WOW!!!

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