Employee Fired On The Spot After Name She Gave Customer And Printed On Receipt Goes Viral : AWM

Employee Fired On The Spot After Name She Gave Customer And Printed On Receipt Goes Viral

A customer who stopped into the Tropical Smoothie Café in Gainesville, Florida, got a shock when she saw the receipt.

It wasn’t the price – it was the name the employee put on the receipt to identify the woman that had her understandably upset. Cassandra Peoples was asked her name at the smoothie restaurant so they could identify her when her order was ready. She noticed the receipt referred to her as “Black Chick.”

Peoples told WGFL: ‘I’ve never experienced anything disrespectful like that before. I wouldn’t want to say its racist, it’s just disrespectful.” She added that she should be referred to by her name, saying, “Cassandra. My birth name. Not a black chick.”

While the smoothie chain first declined to comment on the matter, they later issued a statement that said: “This type of conduct clearly does not reflect the values of our brand or our commitment to creating a welcoming environment at each and every location. We have been in contact with the franchisee and understand that he acted quickly by terminating the employee.”

The statement continued: “We apologize to all of our loyal guests and want to make it clear that these actions are not representative of the other hard-working team members at this franchised location or our brand.”

While some commenters on the Daily Mail post about this story disputed whether the woman should be offended, one person explained: It seems trivial but it is hurtful to feel defined by your race and gender. If someone writes ‘Asian dude’ or ‘Latina chick,’ etc, they could write a name like they usually do. Why would they put that? Weird…”

Another person, however, didn’t think it was that big of a deal, writing: “I work in hospital. I meet a number of people daily. I’ve been labeled Oriental girl, Asian girl, Chinese chick (I’m not even Chinese) but I don’t feel offended. I assume that’s the best description people can think of at the moment.”

Another commenter added: “What’s the big deal? I’m a black chick and this too sensitive crap is old. So they forgot your name, you are a black chick.”

This commenter gave the employee the benefit of the doubt, noting: “Maybe the employee couldn’t remember her name and she was the only black woman buying a smoothie. I think too many people lately are throwing everything into being racist way to quickly.”

Another person noted: “Welcome to the double standard. Couldn’t count the amount times I’ve been referred to as ‘the white dude.’  I’m a dude and I’m white. Can’t say it much bothered me. Seem people are always looking for a reason to be offended.”

This commenter made a similar point, offering: “uhhh…but you are a ‘black chick’…or am I wrong? The person could have forgotten your name or who knows maybe you didn’t actually tell them. Bottom line until we stop crying over every little thing how in the hell can we move forward. I mean do you think I’d be offended if my receipt said, ‘white dude?’ No I wouldn’t.”