Employee Of Popular Fast Food Chain Has Had Enough, Posts Photos Of What Really Goes On

Updated July 27, 2017

Thirty percent of McDonald’s establishments surveyed in the United Kingdom serve human fecal matter bacteria in their ice. But now an equally shocking discovery has been shared from a fast food worker at the establishment in Louisiana. As a customer, you have to trust that the restaurant you’re eating at stands up to the health and safety standards they ascribe to. And for an world-renown establishment like McDonald’s, you’d think they practice basic cleanliness because they have so many eyes on them. But they simply do not. After the poop on ice scandal and now this cleanliness issue in Louisiana, it seems the fast food chain does not take health and safety standards seriously.

Disgusted by what he saw on the job, Twitter user Nick, snapped several pictures of the kitchen at the McDonald’s restaurant where he works. But his images revealed something much more disturbing than dropped food or dusty corners.

When he did expose the unsanitary work environment at the Laplace, Louisiana McDonald’s, the employee lost his job, he told HuffPost.

First, Nick, who wanted to be known only by his first name, shared a disturbing photo of the “drip tray” from the fast food restaurant’s ice cream machine. While serving poop with their cold beverages in the United Kingdom is disturbing enough, this ice cream tray may even be worse.

“This came out of McDonald’s ice cream machine in case y’all were wondering…” Nick tweeted along with the moldy tray that looks utterly grotesque.

The ice cream drip tray is covered in colorful molds and fungi. It looks totally disgusting and unacceptable for any place serving food to customers.

But some people didn’t believe Nick. They thought he was sharing an image of a grease trap. He then shared another image to show exactly where the drip tray goes inside the ice cream machine.

“This is the side of the ice cream machine! It’s not from a grease trap,” he confirmed to all the doubters.

While this unsanitary ice cream tray was enough to have the health inspectors swarming the McDonald’s, Nick was not done because the restaurant had a lot of other dirty secrets. He then shared a picture of a spot on the floor that appeared to have not been cleaned in months. Grease and gunk was caked onto the tile near a wheel. This kind of thing should have been cleaned daily.

“Nice and dirty…” he captioned the image.

Many people were outraged at the truth inside the McDonald’s kitchen.

“Obviously, we never get chunks of gunk in our ice cream,” noted FoodBeast, “but you never want to see photos like that coming out of a restaurant.”

At Nick’s former place of employment, sanitary practices are subpar. He worked there from March until he was fired for sharing the images on Twitter this July.

Managers are supposed to clean the ice cream drip tray but no one ever did. He then said the photo of the floor was taken before the restaurant’s maintenance worker quit.

“Sometimes my coworkers would drop the food and put it back on the bun,” Nick told HuffPost. “I’ve seen it happen several times.”

While this Louisiana location may be disturbing, as well as 30 percent of the locations survived in the United Kingdom, not every McDonald’s has a kitchen this dirty.

But Nick’s images did spark some fast food trash talk. A Wendy’s employee shared  picture of a perfectly cleaned ice cream tray with the caption: “Meanwhile at Wendy’s…”

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