Entire Packed Flight Is Left Searching For Words After Seeing What Irate Passenger Does (video)

Updated July 11, 2017

We have seen a lot of nonsense taking place on commercial airplanes lately, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and social media. Rightly or wrongly, a lot of these incidents tend to paint airlines and security personnel as masochistic goons who enjoy abusing passengers, but we just found a clip in which a passenger manages to ruin a flight for everyone on board. You will not believe her behavior until you watch this video.

On a recent American Airlines flight, a young woman had brought her pet dog with her as an emotional support animal. Everything was fine until the plane left the gate and started to taxi down the runway to take off.

At this point, the unidentified woman’s dog left it’s seat and started wandering up and down the aisle. One of the flight attendants caught the dog, but then the woman unbuckled her seatbelt and got up, heading to the back of the plane where the attendant had the dog.

FAA regulations are extremely clear and extremely inflexible. All passengers must remain seated and buckled during taxi and takeoff. There are no exceptions ever, and the flight crew must comply.

The attendant told the woman to get back into her chair, at which point a shouting match occurred. Many people on the plane also chimed in, telling the woman to sit down and “we all just want to get home.”

At one point the obnoxious woman addressed the entire cabin, saying “You mother f***kers lucky I wanna go home too because there’s gonna be a problem when we get back to Chicago!”

It took several minutes for her to comply with the flight attendant, at which point, the pilot was instructed to return to the gate instead of taking off.

Thanks to the complete self absorbed behavior of the young woman, the Chicago bound flight was delayed for four hours.

Upon returning to the gate, she was escorted off the plane, and the remaining passengers were forced to wait onboard until the air traffic tower granted them permission to take off.

Surprisingly, instead of being detained for causing a disturbance, the disruptive woman was given passage on a later American Airlines flight that evening.

The incident was captured on video by a man sitting a couple of rows behind the woman. The video has gone viral, with people commenting about it on social media. The court of public opinion has not looked at her favorably, with people saying such things as:

“If she’s tossed off the plane she should be arrested. At the very least she should lose the cost of the seat and have to pay, with a different airline, for a new seat. And it’s way past time they looked at the issue of pets being labelled as therapy dogs so that they can be taken onto planes – it’s a total rort.”- GP

“Poor dog. She should be investigated for animal cruelty. Imagine the rage she takes out on that poor thing.”- Trizzy779

“An Atlanta airport representative says that the woman wasn’t arrested and was re-booked on another flight!!! are they for real? I would of hoped that she had been banned for life.”- Atriedes

“Some people simply should not be allowed to leave the house.”- Mango Man

“they should have kicked her off and told her she needs to start walking home! NO FLIGHTS FOR YOU!!”- Philmc84

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