Entire Police Squad Blindsided By Judge’s Ruling On Man Who Assaulted Female Officer

Updated July 12, 2017

One judge is receiving a lot of criticism after she let a criminal off the hook. After Kurdel Emmanuel was accused of storming into the Knickerbocker Ave NYPD station house and tried to steal an officer’s gun, Judge Loren Bailey-Schiffman released him without bail. She refused the NYPD’s request for a $250,000 bond and instead let the man run free. Allegedly, Emmanuel raced into the station, assaulted a female officer, grabbed her belt and attempted to steal her gun.

Sounds like a reason for a sentencing right?

Apparently, the judge didn’t think so.

The judge is known as an “activist judge” and she was also criticized for missing the assassination of a female cop just last week. After several years of serving on the NYPD, the mother of three was shot in the head and the murderer is still out there walking around freely. Police officers are mourning the loss of their fellow officer, but they are fuming over the judge’s lack of attention toward the case. Surely the family of the fallen officer is looking for justice.

“What planet does this judge live on?” Former agent and NYPD officer, Dan Bongino said. “This was an unexplainable decision. These guys and these women out there on NYPD are banged up, they got their heads on swivels and they have to worry about terrorist attacks. Now they have to worry about an activist judge letting murderers off the hook and constantly having to watch their back.”

Bongino also believed that Emmanuel could’ve been involuntarily committed to an asylum inside of being released on the streets. The thought is that he would at least be confined and unable to assault or murder someone else. Instead, he was released and now New York citizens and police officers are concerned for their safety. There is no telling what his next step will be and if he was crazy enough to storm a police station than who knows what else the man is capable of.

As to be expected, several officers assigned to the NYPD are quite disturbed by the decision and they are severely disappointed in the judge.

Commenters are siding with the NYPD on this one and the majority feels that the judge’s decision was a poor one and should be reconsidered…

“He would have been safer in jail that’s why he got let out, paranoia is worse than anything.”

“The judge should be held responsible for any crime this man commits now.”

Some even feel that the man should stay with the judge herself for a little while…

“Home confinement at the judge’s home would be in order.”

Most people feel that the decision is clear-cut and that Emmanuel should be locked up for his actions and to prevent further crime, but the judge is of another opinion and apparently believes that he doesn’t deserve to pay for his wrongdoing. New York City residents already suffer from the lack of safety and knowing there is a lethal man on the lose certainly isn’t doing anything to relieve these fears.