Entitled Driver Thinks It’s Ok To Purposely Take Up Two Spots. How A Stranger Gets Revenge? LOL!

Updated July 11, 2016

There are only a few things in this world that seriously annoy me, but people who take up more than one parking space may just top the list. If it’s a busy lot and you are taking up two parking spots, I’d consider it a miracle that no one smashes into your car simply out of aggravation. DON’T DO IT.

Apparently I’m not alone in my aggravation. One Redditor recently decided to do more than just talk or write about how much he hates these people – he decided to actually do something about it.


Not only did this Redditor find a perfect example of double parking to try out his little plan, it ended up being the perfect type of car as well. The bright-yellow Saturn is only suitable for a high-school bimbo, yet some jerk thought his precious “sports car” car more important than everyone else’s vehicles.

The only logical next step was to embarrass this fool until he never parks on the line again. The convertible opened a whole range of possibilities, but our hero decided to keep it simple. He placed this hilarious note on the front driver’s seat, then continued to place them on any offending car he came across.

Now you can join the fight too! Simply save the image below, print out a bunch of them and keep them in the car! Whenever you see someone who clearly doesn’t know how to park, hand them one of these and drive off with a laugh.


Can you think of any driving habit more offensive than parking on the middle line? Share with us in the comments!