Entitled Passenger Didn’t Realize She Was Being Recorded, Looks Like An Absolute Idiot [video]

Updated April 13, 2017

There are so many transportation services offered these days which makes our interactions with strangers more frequent than ever. And it’s easier than ever to get a ride somewhere as there are Uber and Lyft applications that can be added to your phone in less than three minutes.

While it can be a bit scary getting into a strangers car for an Uber ride, it can also be a bit scary for the driver. There is supposed to be background checks to appropriately vet out people who apply to be Uber drivers, but what about the passengers? A driver really never knows who he or she is picking up.

Luckily the majority of Uber drivers have cameras that are fixed to their dashboards, allowing them to have a clear log of the daily passengers that they cart around. While inappropriate drivers are usually the ones to get the bad rap, there is a recent case that is making headlines, showing the tables turned. The passenger is causing the drama this time around.

When a Bronx Uber driver told his female passenger that he didn’t have a phone charger to offer her after she asked for one, she got inappropriately upset and threatened to tell people that he raped her. Unfortunately for her, her entire crazy episode is captured on film as evidence.

The Uber driver deserves some major credit for how patient he was while she was screaming profanities at him. She also goes on to say that she will punch herself in the face and tell the cops that he did it. She repeatedly yells at him to call the cops, clearly unaware that her behavior is being recorded.

“If you want to keep disrespecting me, you can get out of the car when I pull over,” he continues to say patiently. This guy deserves an award for allowing her to stay in the car for as long as he did. When he asks her to get out of the car, she doesn’t, so he pulls over and refuses to drive.

She then threatens to violate his car and starts kicking the seat. It’s pretty clear that this woman is being completely irrational, as all of her anger has stemmed from the fact that he doesn’t have a phone charger for her to use. It’s almost as if she had planned to start this fight in the first place.

She even goes on to pull the Donald Trump card, as she says…”Go back to your country. Donald Trump is going to send you back to your country.”

She even gets strangers on the street involved as she yells to them to call the police.

According to commenters, this woman is giving other women a bad name…

“Most women who claim this are usually lying. This proves it.”

And others were quite frightened by this woman’s crazy behavior…

Yikes!!! These are the clowns that walk amongst us!!! Scary!!!!

This just proves that you never know what kind of person you are going to bump into during your day.