Entitled Teen Claims Cops Assaulted Her, Doesn’t Realize He’s Recording The Entire Thing

Updated September 29, 2017

A teenager from Vermont has made serious allegations on her social media after a recent run in with local police. In response, the department has released bodycam footage of the incident that seems to contradict her claims. You will not believe what really happened until you read her Facebook post and then watch this video.

Eighteen year old Logan Huysman of Burlington, Vermont was asleep in a car with several of her friends recently when police officers stopped to check on their condition. All the girls were difficult to awaken, and each seemed confused or disoriented.

Suspecting drug or alcohol use, the officers spent ninety minutes with the teenagers before arresting Huysman, who had been uncooperative and abusive to the officers.

Later, after being released into her parent’s custody, she made the following post on Facebook:

“Just so everyone is aware, police brutality in Vermont is REAL. Just because you have a badge does not mean you have to right to put your hands on me. Not only did officer Ngyuen and officer Lippa decide to waste their time interrogating 3 girls who were simply napping in car, they also decided to assault me for “resisting arrest” as they shove me in a cop car FOR NO REASON. (literally blew zeros and they were still convinced i deserved to be arrested, assaulted, and thrown into the back of the cop car. Clearly BPD has nothing better to do so i would suggest a new profession. ALSO these men touched me inappropriately to get me into the cop car. I would consider that sexual assault especially coming from “authority”. Like who the fuck are you keeping safe. In any way does this sound okay?”

These charges proved to be so incendiary that the Burlington Police Chief, Brandon Del Pozo felt compelled to release about eighteen minutes of the officer’s bodycam video to counter Huysmans allegations.

The officer’s bodycam footage paints a completely different picture of the incident, with Huysman coming off as rude and noncompliant with their requests and and instructions.

Now that this footage has been made public, many people have used social media to show their support for the Burlington Police Department, saying things like:

“Claiming sexual assault. She should get more time in jail for false accusations.”- Anon.

“She is totally out of control…wow…glad they had body cams.”- Debra McMichael

“The officers were remarkable! Had she been in Detroit, they would have handcuffed her and shackled her legs to her hands and thrown her in the car. These cops deserve high praise for patience on a very stupid girl.”- Magic Man

“I can’t believe she tried to claim sexual assault. Throwing that shit around isn’t a light charge, and she should be jailed for false accusations.”- Tim the lib

“I have never seen cops that were so patient. What an entitled whiny little bitch. Her parents must be proud.”- WTF Richard

“Disorderly conduct, Assault of a police officer, possession of the alcohol by a minor, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana. Good bye sweetheart it’s time to go to jail.”- Don Hansen

Now that you have read her Facebook post and seen the bodycam footage, what do you think really happened to Logan Huysman? Please share your thoughts with us here.