Even Penn And Teller Are Stumped By His Magic Trick. Do You Think You Can Figure It Out?

Updated January 5, 2017

When he realized that being a magician would be more fun than life as a concert pianist, Shin Lim switched careers. While he knew he always wanted to be on stage mesmerizing an audience, magic was a better use of his talents – and a lot more fun for him.

While we all “know” that magic isn’t real, you might need to change your beliefs after watching this talented man perform. His illusion bends reality and makes us question the “truth” that we know. Could magic be real? Could some people be able to tap into an un-seeable power and manipulate the physical world around us?

Even Penn and Teller are blown away when Shin Lim gets on their stage. You’ll need to scroll down and watch the video below if you want the juicy details about this illusion…

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Before he began practicing magic, Shin Lim was a concert pianist. But seven years ago, he switched careers – now he is a wizard. After seven years of hard practice, his card tricks will blow your mind.

These card tricks are not the parlor tricks you see when your friend or family member asks you to pick a card out of a deck during a holiday party. Shin Lim’s card tricks will make you question reality as you know it.

While you might not believe me, when you see how easily he fools Penn & Teller with his amazing card tricks, you’ll realize that his talent is beyond normal.

By the end of the video, Penn yells, “We don’t even know how you vanished the f***king marker!” I think that says it all.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Shin Lim was forced to give up piano playing because he got carpal tunnel in both hands. This forced his hand, so he switched careers to magic.

“I want the world to see a different side of magic. To take magic seriously and to respect the art,” he says in the introduction of the video.

The clip begins after two randomly selected audience members join Shin Lim on the stage. He blends his magic to the music, and doesn’t speak during his performances.

More than 28 million people have watched Shin Lim’s performance of magic. Don’t take my word for his brilliance, here are other people’s comments posted on YouTube:


“Shin Lim is a BEAST! all i know is that this act isn’t possible without that table cloth.”

“4:27-4:29 how on earth he do that?!!”

“At 3:55 he folds the cards, they never leave his left hand. He keeps them folded between his palm and whatever finger is available, using sleight of hand to hide them behind the single card, giving the illusion that they’ve disappeared. Then to perform the trick, you’ll see he uses his index finger on his left hand to keep the cards bent in his palm, out of view of the audience. Then when the ‘magic’ occurs, he releases his index finger letting the cards fall back into a deck. His right hand, at the same time, folds all but one into his palm, giving the illusion that they’ve moved hands. You’ll then notice he innocently joins his hands together, in this movement, he rejoins the deck with all cards in his left and right hands. I could be wrong, I’m just a musician.”

Can you figure out how he performs his magic? Or does he have “the gift”?

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