Even Though Top Hit Debuted In The 50s, Anytime It Comes On I Stop What I’m Doing To Listen

Updated October 12, 2017

We all have music that reminds us of a different time and place. Perhaps it is a song from childhood that we listened to on repeat until we broke the record or wore out the cassette. But sometimes we listen to a song from another time entirely and it has the power to transport us to a place that we have never been. The famous song from Fred Parris and The Satins has that affect for me. Although it was released a few years before I was born, I feel as if I’m alive during the mid 1950s whenever “In the Still of the Night” plays from my speakers. There is something so authentic and true about this song, which was recorded in a basement of a church in Connecticut, that has the power to bring us into the moment and back in time to the Good Old Days.

When it first came out, the song only achieved some moderate success. But more and more people started listening to it and it continued to grow until it appeared on the charts. Although it only peaked at slot number 24 on the national popular music charts back in 1956, it still has lasting power. And it proved that it was one of the most tried-and-true songs of the generation.

While most songs only have one chance at success, “In the Still of the Night” was picked up again for the soundtrack of the 1987 smash hit movie “Dirty Dancing.” As part of that film’s soundtrack, the song was bought more than 10 million times.

While you’d think that those two recognitions thirty years apart would spell the end for this amazing song, another three decades later, it received more accolades. This time Rolling Stone magazine ranked it as the 90th greatest overall song of all time as part of their epic Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list in 2010.

Numerous artists have tried to replicate the gorgeous sound of Fred Parris and The Satins including Debbie Gibson, Boyz II Men, and the Beach Boys, no one does it quite like the original players.

In the performance below, you’ll see the original group perform this amazing song. We had to dust it off from the archives to get it to you, but although it might be a few decades old, don’t let that throw you. Sometimes the best things in life have been around the block and have some experience.

The video you’re about to watch has been viewed more than 12 million times by fans of “In the Still of the Night” from around the globe. And thousands have left comments including the following:

“It wasn’t about Black or White It was about The Still of The Night.”

“They are great.  I listened to them when I was a kid.   Non of us cared what color they were, they were just great.”

“Back when music had class. I have a lot of respect for artists of this caliber. They just don’t exist anymore.”

How do you feel after listening to this rendition of the classic hit from the 1950s?