Ever Since He Showed Me How To Make This Mosquito Trap I Haven’t Been Bit By One [video]

Updated May 16, 2017

Summer is one of the most loved seasons and for good reason, as the warm weather and the sunshine naturally bring on happiness for those who enjoy spending their days doing outdoor activities. But that warm weather also brings on pesky mosquitoes and most of us can agree that these biting bugs are no fun to be around. And for some of us, it can be daunting to sit outside and be attacked repeatedly by these blood-sucking creatures.

The good news is that there is a new way to fend of these feisty critters and keep them away for good. With a few simple supplies, you can make your own tool to keep the mosquitoes away.

All you will need is the following simple household items…

-A plastic two-liter empty soda bottle

-A serrated knife

-Measuring cups and spoons

-1/4 of brown sugar

-1/4 teaspoon of yeast

-1 cup of warm water

First things first. Take your serrated knife and starting out from the lip end of the bottle, measure out a third of the way down and cut so the top part is completely off.

Next, you will add three ingredients to the bottle. Using your measuring cups and spoons, you will add a quarter cup of brown sugar, one full cup of warm water, a quarter teaspoon of yeast. This combination of ingredients is irresistible to mosquitoes and it makes for an easy way to attract them in order to trap them.

When the mosquitoes start swarming the mixture, you’ll take the part of the bottle that you cut off and making sure the cap is off, you will slide it into the part of the bottle that now holds the concoction. It should slide in easily and fit securely. The mixture will attract the mosquitoes and lead them into the bottle, but they won’t be able to escape because the exit way is too small.

The great thing about this trick is that you can place the finished product anywhere. So, if you spend a lot of summer evenings on your back patio where the bugs tend to spend time, you can simply place one of these traps on your table or conceal it behind another piece of furniture. It’s a simple solution to your mosquito problem and it may make those summer evenings a heck of a lot more bearable.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the do-it-yourself tool…

“I tried that once, it only attracted fruit flies, tens of them.”

If this happens to you, I guess you’ll have to decide what is more important…ridding yourself of mosquitoes and dealing with fruit flies or sucking it up and getting bit by mosquitoes. The problem with mosquitoes is that they leave behind welts and itchy bumps.

And some who tried it discovered that it didn’t work…

“I didn’t work. I tried twice. I made 25 traps for my hotel.”

And some requested a video on how to get rid of ants…

“Now please show us how to make a trap for all the ants this thing just attracted into our house.”