Every Time He Cooks Potatoes He Scrapes Them With A Fork, Now I Always Do The Same [video]

Updated February 15, 2017

Potatoes are a big part of any proper winter supper menu. And why not? With so many delicious and creative ways to prepare them, they are easily the most flexible side dish in western cooking. And they are inexpensive, which means you can feed a whole family for a whole lot less, which is great when you are working with a budget.

One of our favorite ways to prepare potatoes is roasting them. We just found a quick video on YouTube from our favorite kitchen guru, The One Pot Chef, that shows us a few easy tips to better roasted potatoes every time. You are going to love his tips when you watch this clip.

When you are preparing potatoes for roasting, make sure to cut them into pieces of relatively equal size. This helps them cook more evenly and at the same rate.

Also make sure to score them all the way around with a fork to increase the exposed surface area. Salting them does not just add flavor, but helps draw out the moisture, which in turn makes them crispier on the outside.

And what should you serve with your hearty roasted potatoes during these cold, dark winter months? We have the perfect solution: Pot Roast with Vegetables. You and your family are going to love this yummy recipe from the Food Network.

To make it, you will need one 3 to 4 pound cut of beef chuck roast, trimmed of excess fat, one can of crushed tomatoes, two yellow onions, halved, one bunch of baby carrots, two celery stalks, one cup of button mushrooms, stemmed and sliced in half, two chopped garlic cloves, two sprigs of rosemary, four sprigs of thyme, two bay leaves, one cup of water, three tablespoons of olive oil, and kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Begin by seasoning the beef with a generous amount of salt and pepper, and heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a dutch oven on moderately high heat. Put the beef into the pot and brown on all sides, developing a nice crust. Then add the tomatoes and water to the pot, scatter the vegetables and herbs around the meat, and season again with salt and pepper. Dizzle the final tablespoon of oil over the top. Now cover the pot and reduce heat to low, letting the pot roast cook for about three hours. Every half hour, you should baste the meat with the juices. You will know the pot roast is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees and is fork tender.

To serve, slice the pot roast and place it on a platter, surrounded with the vegetables, and covered in the juice.

This simple recipe will win hearts and minds at any gathering of family or friends, and when served with roasted potatoes and a nice red wine, will make you a superstar.

Good choices for a wine pairing include California merlots or a South African cabernet sauvignon.

What is your favorite dish to serve with roasted potatoes? Do you have a dessert to go along with this meal? Share your recipe ideas with us here.