Every Time She Cooks Pasta, She Places A Wooden Spoon Across The Pot. Now I Do Too [video]

Updated April 3, 2017

If you’ve spent a good amount of time in the kitchen then surely you’ve been a victim of the “overflowing pot.” It happens to the best of us. We get too busy trying to multi-task and after we turn our backs for thirty seconds the pot is overflowing, leaving a trail of steaming water trickling down the side of the pot. And if you don’t catch it in time, it makes it’s way down the side of the stove and onto the floor. It’s one of the more frustrating things that happens in the kitchen, but it happens to the best of us. The good news is, there is a cure for the boiling pot, and it only requires a wooden spoon.

Instead of hovering over your pot of boiling water, simply rest a wooden spoon across the top of it. Of course, you will have to make sure you are using a pot that is small enough for the spoon to stretch across, otherwise, the spoon will slip into the pot and be taken on a ride in the whirlpool of boiling water.

The reason why this kitchen hack is said to work is because the spoon destabilizes the bubbles as soon as the bubbles come into contact with the object. Sounds like a chemistry experiment, right? The bubbles then don’t have a chance to expand and they end up retreating back into the pool of water. Also, when the bubbles come into contact with an object that is lower than 100 degrees celsius (the temperature of boiling water), they turn back into liquid. But keep in mind that if you keep the spoon on the pot for too long it may become too hot thus making it impossible to actually burst the bubbles, which in turn leads it to spill outside the pot, totally defeating the purpose. If you have been the victim of an overflowing pot of boiling water then you know how much of a mess it can make and who wants to clean up that when you’ll have a whole kitchen of dirty plates to clean following the meal already.

If you don’t want to deal with the wooden spoon hack,  experts have shared that a dollop of oil added to the pot helps deter the liquid from boiling over.

Commenters usually love learning new kitchen hacks, but some had other theories on how to stop the water from boiling over…

“If it bubbles over you need MORE WATER in a BIGGER POT!!”

“Better to put a drop of OIL in the pan to float on top.”

“It’s a metal spoon people. Please use this method as the metal conducts the heat and the wooden doesn’t.”

And others confirmed that the hack works…

“Been doing that for ages and it does work.”

One commenter complained that this hack wasn’t free, as he/she didn’t have wooden spoons in their home. Apparently, the wooden spoon isn’t as much of a kitchen staple as we thought it was. It definitely comes in handy for more than one thing in the kitchen, that’s for sure.