Everyone Came To Watch The Guy Play Guitar, But There’s Utter Disbelief When Girl Opens Her Mouth

Updated July 27, 2017

Most city citizens ignore the street performers littering the sidewalks. It’s not because they’re heartless people, but because often the performer are mediocre at best. But when a truly talented musician gets in front of the public and sets up a hat for donations, people will stop to listen. Sometimes it’s like something beyond them compels them to join the growing audience. And that’s what happened after an innocent young girl walked up to a street performer for an impromptu performance of the legendary song, “Ave Maria.” Take a listen in the viral video below!

As an America, you may not have heard of Amira Willighagen – yet. But her talent has already been recognized in countries across Europe but namely Holland. She was the winner of Holland’s Got Talent back in 2013.

Members of the public were wholly unready to hear the amazing talent sing at such a humble locale. The man on the guitar, Vincent Van Hessen, was strumming along, entertaining the populace at his sidewalk stage outside of a restaurant, when the little girl walked up to him and asked if she could join.

As she approached the microphone, few people were paying her any mind. But as soon as she opened her mouth and people could hear the magic flowing from her vocal cords, they started turning their heads toward her.

The mood relaxed and people listened to the classic song. Although this was not a planned performance, it sounded like Amira and Vincent had been practicing their routine for weeks. The two professional musicians truly amazed the public on the European sidewalk.

What’s even more interesting was how Amira didn’t gloat in the glory she was receiving from the crowd. Although her voice mesmerized so many people, she didn’t let it go to her head. Instead, she just focuses on the music and singing to the best of her abilities.

View the street performance below. Hundreds of thousands of others have. And hundreds have shared their responses. Here is a selection of the most popular:

“What I really love about this performance is that there are no sound stage effects.  It is Amira, Vincent and his guitar. The purity of such recordings just goes to show that she is real!  It is not her voice washed through some kind of enhancers.  Pure, unadulterated and raw and AMAZING!  !!!BRAVO!!!!” shared Philip Crews.

“It’s only been a few years since Hollands got talent. And she’s still just 11 years old. Amira is going to be world famous, In 20 years you are going to be able to look back and say you preformed with Amira. You might even get free Opera tickets.”

“Bravo Amira! Congratulations Vincent! You had a great idea to invite Amira to sing. She is an angel. She reminds me Maria Callas. May God continue to protect Amira and you too.”

“To the parents of the little girl don’t be embarrassed Amira has that how is that possible effect every time she sings. Unlike us adults she wasn’t too embarrassed to stand close and look. We Amira fans that have had the privilege of  seeing her live still think each time HOW. I know I do.”

What do you think about this impromptu performance?

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