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Updated July 26, 2017

If you spend enough time in the kitchen, sooner or later, you are going to need a tool or gadget that you just do not have. In those moments, knowing a good hack or two can be the difference between a great dinner party and ordering pizzas for your guests.

Luckily we have figured out a simple way to open cans if you do not have a can opener handy. All you need is a tin can of food you want to open, and a big piece of concrete.

This brute force can opener trick definitely improves your kitchen survival skills quickly, and that’s important in producing a culinary masterpiece. We wanted to share some other kitchen tips with you to get you cooking more like Chef Wolfgang Puck, and less like Chef Boyardee.

Making sure your cutting board is stable and secure is not only important for cutting things, it is critical for your safety. Next time you need a cutting board to stop slipping, dampen a dish towel and lay it on the counter. When you lay the cutting board on top, you’ll have an instant no-slip surface and your board will stay put.

A lot of produce in your diet is a good thing, but it can be hard to keep it fresh and crisp, even with a crisper drawer. If your lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, or celery have started to go a little limp, toss them into a large bowl of cold water and plenty of ice for a few minutes. This tried and true restaurant method will shock the vegetables back into crispy crunchiness in a few minutes and you can prepare a fresh salad no problem. And remember that this does not lose any of their nutritional value.

Pancakes are the best breakfast, right? But they can be a little hard to pull off except on special occasions. If you decide you’d like to have pancakes anytime, even on a busy morning when you overslept and you have a big meeting, try doing this: Any old lazy Sunday, mix up a big batch of pancakes and then wrap them in plastic bags. You can then freeze them for later days. When you decide you want them for breakfast, you pull out a short stack and microwave for about thirty seconds or until hot, and voila! You are a breakfast hero in no time flat.

Have you ever chopped hot peppers and had your hands feel like they were burning? That is the capsaicin in the peppers. It is a chemical that is found in the rind of the pepper and it can transfer from your skin to your eyes, mouth and nose, and cause you discomfort. Keep a bottle of cheap vodka around and when you are done chopping those chilies, pour some vodka into a bowl and bathe your hands in it for a minute or two. Another trick is to slice the chilies lengthwise, remove the seeds, and then lightly salt the rinds for a couple of minutes before you chop them. Of course, with this method, you don’t keep a bottle of vodka handy to sip on while you make dinner, so it is not quite as much fun.

Do you have any quick tips or hacks that have made you a champ in the kitchen? If so please share them with us here.

Do you have any great kitchen hacks to share? Tell us about them here.