Everyone Easily Spots The Farmer, But Can You Find His Wife Hiding In Plain Sight [Spoiler]

Updated April 24, 2017

In an image that has been found in an old archive, we see a farmer. He looks very puzzled. Why? Because he has lost his wife! While that would be a terrible thing to happen to just about any man, this farmer is particularly puzzled. She has not left his side in decades. Is she hurt? Has she run off with a younger man?

Scroll down and you’ll be able to help the farmer find his wife. He really needs your help. Check out the puzzle below, give it your best shot, then share your solution in the comments!

The image might appear simple. In the picture, a man stands with his feet wide set as he leans onto a cane. His outercoat is gray, his shirt is white and his scarf is a crimson red. He has fashionable boots and knickers. Plus, his farmer’s hat looks like it’s been worn for many seasons.

The farmer stands on the dirt path before a grove of green grass. The entrance to his farmhouse is behind his right leg. You can see the humble home in the background. It is a white house with a red shingled roof.

But as you can tell, the man is troubled. He holds his hand up behind his head and looks around. He is very worried. His wife has gone missing!

While the puzzle is certainly a hard one to figure out, take another moment and look around. Can you find the farmer’s wife in the image? She might not look the way you expect…

As a hint, the puzzle becomes easier to solve when you flip it over. Viewed upside down you might be able to see the farmer’s wife easier. If not, do not fret – this is not necessarily an easy puzzle for everyone.

Keep looking! We’ll reveal the answer right below.

Are you ready for the answer?

If you look between the farmer’s leg and his cane, you might spot someone special to him. His wife is right there by his side just like she always has been. Perhaps, she’s passed on and has come back to visit him and provide some direction in his life.

Some readers think the farmer’s wife is a ghost. She has returned to earth in spirit form to provide comfort for her husband who is now lost without her presence.

We’ve shared story about ghosts on AWM before. For example, one man found the courage to film a ghost moving objects in his kitchen. If you’re bold enough to view the footage, you can see that here.

Another woman found a ghost while walking her dog in the woods. She never thought she’d find this terrifying thing in the Northern Irish woods, but she did – now she’s sharing it with everyone on social media.

Have you ever seen a ghost or been visited by a spirit?

Did you find the farmer’s wife? How quickly? Challenge your friends to solve this puzzle!

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