Everyone Gets The First Question Correct, But So Far No One Has Gotten Them All. Can You?

Updated January 10, 2017

There is nothing wrong with thinking of yourself as a smart person. But it is always great when you can prove your intelligence to your family and friends. Sometimes the people closest to use forget about our strengths and only focus on our weaknesses. Not only is this annoying and aggravating, it is downright not fair.

If the people in your life have been talking down to you, talking back, or just not respecting your intelligence lately, we challenge you to take the quiz below and prove that you’re smart. After all only 1 percent of Americans can get all 12 of these tricky questions correct. Can you…?

We often think a lot higher of our own intelligence than we give ourselves credit for. And as Americans, that’s something that has actually been studied. In one survey, students felt more confident about their answers than other countries but were wrong about the answer more often. I’m not really sure what that says about America except for many that we think we’re right more often than we really are.

Take the quiz below and tell us how you did. If your score isn’t as high as you’d like to see, maybe the following tips will help. I know I’m going to start doing them right away!

Five ways to boost your intelligence

1) Seek New Experiences: Novelty was vital to the intelligence of geniuses like Einstein. They never stopped learning and didn’t limit themselves to one subject either. They devoured information about anything and everything they could.

Expand your interests and seek out new information. Being open to this will allow your brain to make more connections and help you see more opportunities in life.

2) Challenge Yourself: Doing the same thing day after day is not going to give you different results. If you want to improve your intelligence, challenge yourself. Complete brain teasers. Read more difficult books and articles. Read poetry.

Brains that take on new challenges adapt to more difficult circumstances. They expand and can handle more stress.

3) Be Creative: This doesn’t necessarily mean to pick up an art, though Bob Ross’s program is available for that. You need to think creatively. Challenge authority and common perception. Learn to think for yourself and take what you observe to heart. You don’t have to take someone else’s word for it.

4) Don’t Take the Easy Route: This goes along with challenging yourself. But don’t take the easy route if you can task your brain to do something else. For example, forgo the GPS during your next drive. Instead before you leave, study the map and memorize the directions. This will improve your brain power and intelligence.

5) Network with Others: By meeting more people, your brain gets exposed to more stimuli and situations. Every time you meet someone new, you open yourself up to cognitive growth and new opportunities. Your mind grows and you become more intelligent.

Take the quiz below and tell us how you did in the comments.

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