Everyone In The Park Is Sent Into Hysterics After They See Strange Man’s Prank [video]

Updated March 28, 2017

When it comes to illusions and magic, few people are as famous for masterful tricks as Criss Angel. Featured on various television specials and sold out shows around the globe, Angel knows what it takes to stun an audience. And he is never afraid to go too far.

But on one sunny day, he took his magic to a local park. While people walked around enjoying the nice day, he had a trick up his sleeve that he couldn’t wait to unleash on the unknowing public. And when he did, many of those watching turned away from the gruesome trick.

However, Angel brought it all back together and left them stunned in awe. You’ve got to see how he ripped apart a volunteer’s body while she laid on a park bench…

Macabre magic always follows Criss Angel wherever he goes. And once the participants learned his name, they should have understood the risk they were taking joining his games.

In the clip below, Angel takes two innocent volunteers and changes their lives forever. He has them lie on the park bench and then without waiting for them to be ready, he splits their bodies into two pieces.

As Angel gets volunteers, he asks the lady in purple to turn her phone on because “you’re going to want to remember this. Trust me.”

With his two volunteers lying vulnerably on the benches, he takes their arms up and over their heads. Then he summons a married couple to help. The woman holds the male volunteer’s wrists, while her husband grabs onto his ankles.

Then he asks two others to do the same thing with the female volunteer who is wearing the purple blouse.

At the 1:35-mark, he asks if everyone watching is ready… No one is ready for what is about to happen.

Criss Angel walks over to the female volunteer and tells her to relax. He then begins making tapping movements at her lower abdomen – where her hips meet her torso. After a series of taps and clicks, he orders the people holding her wrists and ankles to “Pull! Pull!”

The next second, the woman is separated into two pieces. Everyone screams and people run away from the scene.

Then Angel grabs her torso and puts her down on the grass. Then he grabs the man’s torso and moves him over to the other bench.

Meanwhile, the woman in the purple blouse crawls away in the grass to get away from the man with the black magic.

In the end, he attaches their torso to the other’s legs. They are in shock.

One viewer commented, “And that’s how transgenders are made.”

As the people with the switched bodies scream at Criss Angel to fix what he has done. He walks away without a second thought to the mischief he has created.

Have you ever seen a magic trick like this before? How do you think Criss Angel pulled this one off?

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