Everyone Knew Elvis Could Sing And Dance But Rare Clip Shows Off Talent Few Know About

Updated November 16, 2016

Everyone already knows that Elvis Presley was a great singer. But not everyone remembers why he rose to fame so profoundly. It wasn’t just his amazing talent and vocal ability that got him to the top – it was also his infectious personality and persona.

In the video clip below, filmed in June 1972 as part of his Madison Square Garden news conference, Presley reminds everyone that he is not just an awesome talent on the stage, but a great person to talk to, to banter with, and to tell a joke.

The interview below preceded his four night, sold-out concert series at the Garden and gives all us fans an insight into his character. Before stepping on stage to WOW more than 80,000 fans, he decided to give the interviewers a quick reminder as to why he is and forever will be The King of Rock and Roll.

Check out this special 90-second clip of Elvis Presley below…

As Elvis walks into the press room, the reporters applaud the man. Before sitting down and fielding the hundreds of questions they’re eager to throw at him, Elvis says, “I plead innocent to all charges,” inciting laughter in his audience.

After claiming that his wife was not with in (hinting at the marital problems yet to come), a reporter asks Elvis why he started making public appearances again after playing roles in so many movies.

His answer was simple: “I just missed it. I missed the closeness of a live audience. So, just as soon as I got out of the movie contracts, I started to do live performances again.”

After opening up about his personal feelings concerning entertaining and performances, a reporter asks him an important question about war protestors and those who did not support the Vietnam War, which was killing thousands of innocents at the time.

But the most thoughtful moment comes when a reporter asks Elvis if he is “satisfied with the image [he] has established.” The King responds immediately with:

“The image is one thing, the human being is another,” he says. “It’s very hard to live up to an image, let’s put it that way.”

After that, Elvis is asked “what about his image as a shy, quiet country boy.”

The King stands up and says “I don’t know what makes you think that. With this gold belt” he says after opening his blazer to display a WrestleMania style belt.

More than 1.5 million fans have tune in to see Elvis put his sense of humor on display as well as his thoughtfulness. Here are a few of the most popular comments on the video:

“I like his resentment, and his sort of shyness. He seemed pretty real to me.”

“did anyone see the way he looked the smile went off his face when they said is your wife w you.  he acted very nervous as he stated. no she’s not.  a looked sad to. poor guy he loved his wife a little girl a it broke his heart he couldn’t be with them nothing was never the same for him again”

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