Everyone Knows Lucille Ball For Her Acting, But Few Know Her For Another Talent [video]

Updated October 11, 2016

There is something to be said about old black and white films. Maybe it is the simplicity that makes us intrigued. Watching one of these films opens us up to creativity and allows us to imagine the possibilities of the scene as it unfolds. It’s very different from today’s films that show us every little detail due to the advancement of technology and graphics.

In the video below, Lucille Ball shows us just how talented she is, when she sings and dances in a clip from the 1940 film “Dance, Girl, Dance.”

Ball proves to be a scene stealer when she sings “Jitterbug Bite,” while acting as Bubbles/Tiger Lily White and showing that she is worthy enough to get what she wants. “Bubbles” starts out on a stage by herself in front of an audience of men. Apparently, Bubbles is trying to prove to everyone that she is worthy enough, as she has impressive manners and faultless etiquette. But, the real excitement starts when she peels off her fur coat and heads to the back of the stage, prepping her audience for a memorable song and dance.

She breaks out in song and leaves the audience floored. The voice that emerged from her was far different than her fans were used to on the hit show “Lucy.” Opposing Lucy’s shrill, high-pitched and nostalgic voice, her voice on the stage is smooth and elegant. She goes on to sing about how she spends all day working hard to be a “lady,” but she can’t help but dance when she hears music.

Just when you thought the gal couldn’t possibly get any more talented, Ball breaks out in a respectable dance routine, kicking her fit and swaying her arms in tune to the music. It’s a far cry from the clumsy, “in-your-face,” Lucy that her fans know so well.

She uses full space of the stage and glides across, shaking her hips and telling her story via song. It’s evident that she has captured the audiences attention, as you hear them applaud at all the right points of the performance. When she exits the stage, we think that she has finished, but she comes back on one more time and grabs our attention with a final “Jitterbug Bite!”

Viewers of the video showed their appreciation for Lucy’s somewhat hidden talent and the time that is far different than today…

“This era was such a magical time. Everyone so prim and pressed clean. I wish time travel was possible. Then again a minority such as myself probably would stick out like a sore thumb.”

“I don’t care what anyone says. Lucille Ball was one damn good looking woman!”

“Geez. 8 years of watching I Love Lucy religiously and under the impression she had a terrible singing voice the whole time?? And I call myself a fan! ;)”

“So talented and so gorgeous! What a star!”

Lucille Ball seemed to be a woman that was loved by everyone, and this video proves that she was far more talented than we ever imagined.