Everyone Spots The Frog Right Away, But Will You Be The First To Spot The Horse? (see answer)

Updated July 26, 2017

Looking for a new challenge to test your brain? This one should keep you busy for a few minutes.

An optical illusion of a frog challenges you to find the hidden horse in the picture. Can you find it?

For most people, this one is extremely hard to find at just a glance, so it might take you some time to sort through everything’s that going on to solve it. It’s totally okay if you can’t spot it.

It’s quite a bit to take in, as you imagine that a horse hiding among this illustration may either be super obvious or so cleverly obscured that you have to look at it from another angle, look more closely, or do some type of adjustment to pull back a bit.

One important bit to note is that while you’re looking for a horse, you’re not looking for a full horse, body and all. It’s just the head. Did that clue help?

If you still haven’t spotted it, try this…just focus solely on the frog, eliminating all the other noise around it. The horse is an optical illusion hidden with the frog.

Now that you’ve isolated just the frog, see if you can spot the horse. For some people, it’s easy for them to shift between seeing one animal or the other. For others, all they can see is frog and they would swear it’s just a trick and there was never a horse there at all.

Don’t give up!

Another hint that might help is to look a bit beyond the outline of the frog, using the lily pad and water beneath him as a clue. If you tilt your head to the right, you’ll notice that collection of lines looks like a horse’s mane.

Armed with that information, the horse’s head should (most likely) become very evident, as, moving up from there and holding that detail in mind about a mane, you can now make out ears, an eye, all the way down to the horse’s muzzle, nose and mouth. It’s a profile, so keep that in mind.

By this point, if you didn’t see if before, now you can’t believe you didn’t notice it and that, by slightly adjusting your gaze and giving a turn of your head, the horse was actually an optical illusion as it is also the frog.

Now you probably can’t unsee that horse, but see if you can easily switch between the two animals or if it’s still a challenge to see one over the other.

If you still didn’t find that horse, turning the image completely on its side should make it more obvious.

Many people commented about the illusion on Facebook, with some people finding the horse right away and others remaining stumped. One person offered: “Found both right away. Of course, it depends on which way you turn the picture.”

Others commented on whether they saw the frog or the horse first, and this sentiment was shared many times: “Once you see it you can’t not see it.”