Experts Claim Only Those With An Above Average IQ Can Ace This Grammar Test. Did You Pass It?

Updated November 30, 2016

In the quiz included here, you’ll come across some tricky sentences. We’ll give you a few options and you have to correct them. Are you a grammar guru? Do you have an average command of the English language and grammar? Or are grammar and language skills just not your thing?

Thousands of people are testing themselves to see how they stack up against others. Now it’s your turn!

Scroll down to test your English skills! You might be surprised how these seemingly simple questions can easily trick even the smartest people. You might think you know the answers to many of these questions as soon as the pop, but don’t act hastily and select the wrong answer. It could cost you the chance of a perfect score.

In recent years, Common Core has changed the way children learn in schools. As some people have proven, the techniques are actually harder and more useless than traditional teaching methods used in the past. There are tons of people, especially educators and students, who truly despise Common Core and want to see it banished for good.

Last year, two-thirds of the students who took the New York common core English exam failed. Many will tell you that’s not because of the teachers or the knowledge of the students, it’s because Common Core does not teach what our children will really need to know in their future. As much as teachers hate teaching Common Core, students dislike learning it too. What do you think of Common Core?

But New York isn’t the only state struggling with English skills. With new communications technology constantly emerging, our command of the English language as a whole has really suffered. People no longer need to form complete, proper sentences to get their point across. The can simply use acronyms like “LOL” or “BRB”. Does this irritate you?

How well do you think you learned your grammar in school? Now is your chance to quiz yourself and see how you stack up against the masses.

How do you compare to other test takes? Find out now!

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