Family Finally Decides To Test DNA Of Two Girls They Adopted, Results Are 1-In-A Million

Updated August 29, 2017

No matter how hard you plan, life will always seem to throw you a curveball. And as soon as you seem to get all your ducks in a row, something comes into your life that changes things. Perhaps, you’re getting used to taking care of an infant and then she starts to crawl. This poses a whole new set of challenges that force you to adapt and grown. While many of life’s struggles keep us on our toes, they also make us stronger people in the process. But during those moments when life takes us by surprise, we might be too far thrown off that it is hard to recover. A couple in Weldon Spring, Missouri recently had the biggest shock come into their life. They had adopted a girl from China. But then when they ran a DNA test on the girl, they discovered the strength of the familial bond. And that’s where this story gets off the rails…

Although James and Staci Maneage have been married for 23 years, their relationship has been tested numerous times – just like every lasting marriage. When they learned that they were unable to have kids themselves, they were depressed. Having a family had been their dream ever since they got engaged.

Because they couldn’t get pregnant, James promised Staci that they would someday adopt a child. They waited and waited and waited until the circumstances of their life were perfect – and that’s when life hit them with a knuckleball.

But then by a miracle, Staci conceived. The Maneages managed to have three healthy boys one after the other and named them Matthew, Kyle and Andrew.

Although they had given birth to their own sons, James still felt obliged to keep his promise. And because Staci really wanted to adopt a child from China, they filled out the paperwork and found their daughter.

They found a 10-year-old Hakka girl who needed a loving family. The orphaned girl had a brain disorder. This only made the Maneages want to help her even more. So they went to China to meet Elliana and bring her home to Missouri with them.

When she reached the U.S., Elliana needed to take frequent trips to the hospital. She became part of the family and her brothers treated her like their sister.

Meanwhile, another Weldon Spring family, Paige and Steve Galbriez adopted a girl from China. Neither couple knew of the other’s adoption but it was indeed fated.

The Galbriezes adopted 7-year-old Kinley from China who also had a brain problem.

The two families attended the same church and lived minutes from each other. This made it easy for the two Chinese girls to bond. And they soon became as close as sisters.

Even though they came from different parts of China, their parents wondered if they were somehow related. Listening to their intuition they ordered a DNA test.

When the results came back the girls had a 99.9% chance of being sisters! What are the chances?

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