Family Honors Late Grandma’s Dying Wish. Tapes Card For Strangers To Find On Store Shelves

Updated March 15, 2017

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Lots of money? A famous book or piece of art? A great family?

How about living on in the memories of loved ones? That’s what one Alberta family decided to do. Because the grandmother had been such a wonderful woman in life when she passed they decided to continue her legacy of generosity and love by spreading random acts of kindness to strangers.

Robin Folkins and his 11-year-old daughter, Rory, just experienced one of these kind acts. While on their way home to Provost, Canada, they decided to stop at a Walmart in Wainwright to pick up a few things. Rory still had some leftover Christmas money and wanted to get herself a new toy. And her dad couldn’t say no to her…

When they got into the Walmart, Rory ran to the toy aisle. But then she stopped short. Taped to one of the shelves was an envelope.

Robin and Rory were suspicious. Until they got closer and read the message on the front. It read, “Please take me.”

Rory could not contain her curiosity. She grabbed the envelope and opened it with her dad.

Inside was a picture of a woman. But that wasn’t all. A short message was there along with $40.

“Today is the day we lost our nan two years ago,” read the note. “We want to do a few good deeds in her memory. Our nan was a very special person, always willing to help out in any way. My nan’s favorite people in her life were the little people in her life. She had six grandkids, two sons, tons of nieces/nephews. She also fostered many kids through the years…

“Take this money and spoil your favorite little people today!”

Folkins did what the note said. And he couldn’t wait to spoilt his “favorite little people”. And as you can guess, that meant young Rory.

“My daughter, she’s 11 years old, and any little girl likes to spend money if they can. She was really excited. She was super excited and… I was kind of shocked. You don’t see this happen very often. I’ve never seen it happen myself,” Folkins said Monday.

Rory picked out a few toys. And even after getting everything she wanted, the pair still had money left over. So, dad decided they would use it to get A&W root beer floats.

Folkins was very appreciative to the random act of kindness. It taught his daughter a valuable lesson in generosity and also made their night.

“You hear about people buying coffee at Tim Hortons for people behind them but something like this is quite different and she was just so excited about it,” Folkins said of his daughter. She was absolutely thrilled that she got to be a part of something so special.”

When he got home, Folkins shared his find to Facebook along with this message:

“I just really want to let this family know that this has been found and what they asked has actually happened,” he said. “It’s such a special way to remember somebody who obviously meant so much to them. I think everybody’s lost somebody in their life but this is a pretty unique and special way to remember them.”

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