Father-In-Law Makes A Surprise Visit To Her Home. Finds Man Under Her Bed, Realizes Who It is

Updated June 16, 2017

In an embarrassing twist of infidelity, a wife was caught with her secret lover. But not by her husband. Her in-laws were the ones to catch the cheater in the act and her secret lover under her bed. And they were able to get the moment on film – and shared it on the internet to expose the woman who married their son. Watch the shocking footage below and see how this cheater got the social shame online that she earned.

In the footage, Mayra, a Colombian wife, had no idea that her in-laws were coming over. She invited her secret lover over because she thought they had time to do what they do best – cheat.

But her in-laws staged an ambush and caught Mayra in the act. In the embarrassing footage, you can see the mother-in-law exposing Mayra after having caught her secret lover stowed away under the bed.

Although the bizarre footage below has a lot of entertainment value, it has not been verified. But watch and you’ll see why the internet believes it to be authentic. The showdown is extremely tense.

In the beginning of the video, Mayra lets her in-laws into the apartment. She did not expect them to arrive at this time.

“Why did not you call me? And why do you want to come in now?” Mayra asked, growing very worried.

That’s when the in-laws pushed past her and began searching the property. They knew that she was an unfaithful wife – they just needed the proof to prove to their son that he married a cheater.

With her smartphone drawn, the mother-in-law marches through the rooms demanding, “Where do you have him?”

Finally, the mother-in-law gets to the bedroom. She can smell something. She pushes the bed to the side and that’s when Mayra’s secret Latin lover emerges from under it. He has a sheepish grin on his face.

The angry mother-in-law says, “look at this – you are here.” Then she tells him to “Get out, let him get out.”

As the secret lover gets out from under the bed, the mother-in-law begins pummeling the man who was sleeping with her son’s wife. In the background, a sister-in-law is seen attacking Mayra for her cheating ways.

The mother-in-law forces the cheating couple out of the home and tells Mayra how it will be. She will not be married to her son for much longer now that they have evidence of her infidelity.

The mother-in-law can be heard shouting: “My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him. You should leave the house Mayra.”

The internet is outraged that Mayra would be so brazen to invite the lover over to her own apartment. People like you have used the comment section of articles like this to share their judgments about this unfaithful wife and what should happen to their marriage. What do you have to say about this cheating wife caught in the act?

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